String of Hearts Garland and Ornaments | New Crochet Pattern

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Do you like it or does it make you painfully aware of your singleness? Do you regard it as just another day or do you go all out celebrating it?

I realize that I have a rather unique view of Valentine's, one that not many share. For me, Valentine's is a lovely holiday in the middle of three birthdays, resulting in a holiday week. Because my birthday is a few days after Valentine's, and my sister's is the day before, (and my cousins is the day of), to me it is one long week of celebration.

It's not like we go all out and plan parties or go places. I suppose I've always been a person who looks for excuses to decorate, celebrate, or plan a new crafting project. I've never put much stock in dating so therefore I have never been bothered by being "single" on Valentine's. In my family we always give each other little chocolates or stuffed animals, and have a special, candlelit meal. My mother decorates a tablecloth to adorn the table with and we all have a good time doing something different and being together.

Frankly, I find it a shame that people should regard Valentine's as a time to feel sorry for themselves or scorn it all together. A day is what you make it, right?

I've actually been preparing for Valentine's since Christmas. For many years I have been designing crochet patterns, and naturally, when a holiday approaches I want to design something festive. But I have a confession to make: I'm nearly always too late. It has taken me years to teach myself to think ahead enough so that I am truly prepared for a holiday. This year I am taking the bit in my teeth and calling, "Full steam ahead!"

Just to show you what I mean, I already have a few ideas for St. Patrick's Day, and am mulling over some Carnival of Venice themes. But lets not rush things.

To start off Valentine's here at Ginger Peachy, I am going to share with you my first Valentine's garland!

I really intended to have this pattern available last week and be prepared to share my second Valentine's project this week, but with the movie review, and the pattern for Crochet Spot, I knew I couldn't pull it off.

So enough about that, are you ready to crochet?!

String of Hearts Garland and Ornaments

Skill Level Easy

Finished Size
Garland measures 62” (157cm) long

Light Weight yarn (approximately 56 yards for garland, 4 yards per heart)
  (I used Anne Geddes in Taffy, Ladybug, Jam, and Lily)
Crochet hook E/3.50mm and 7/4.50mm

The gauge is not important for this project but if you prefer to be spot on, one heart measures 1.50” (4cm) wide.

Hearts (make 9)
Round 1: with E hook, make an adjustable ring, ch 1, 10 sc in ring, sl st in first sc: 10 sc
Round 2: ch 1, skip next sc, (dc, tr) in next sc, (dtr, tr) in next sc, 2 dc in next 2 sc, tr in enxt sc, 2 dc in next 2 sc, (tr, dtr) in next sc, (tr, dc) in next sc, sl st in base of first sl st: 17 sts
Finish off.

I don't know which I thought to make first, the garland or the ornaments. I knew that my small Christmas tree (this one has been dubbed Alberta, while last years was Spruce Wayne) was looking in need of some handmade decorations, so I asked my sisters which they preferred, ornaments or garland. They said both. So it was obvious then that I would be making both. I really love being able to get dual projects out of one design, don't you?

I grabbed the four Valentine's colors I had of Anne Geddes baby yarn from past hot air balloon appliques, and began making hearts. I eventually made 21 hearts in all, not counting the one's I ripped in the design stage. I made 12 hearts for my tree and yet I still think it could use more.

How to Make an Ornament
Making ornaments out of the hearts is simple. All you have to do is make the heart pattern but do not finish off. Instead, ch 10, and sl st in the base of the ch for a small loop to use for hanging. Simple, huh?

For the garland I made 9 hearts -- 3 hearts in 3 colors -- and crocheted with two strands together. I have done this with the last three garlands I have made since it seems to give it better drape. My greatest fear with my garland is seeing it drag and droop like a glass ornament on a thread line.

Making the Garland Strand
Holding two strands together, with size 7 hook, ch 5, join in 5th ch from hook, ch 1, 10 sc in ring, sl st in first sc, ch 195, join in 5th ch from hook, ch 1, 10 sc in ring, sl st in first sc.

Finishing the Garland
I think this is the funnest part, really, seeing it all come together and look so beautiful. This time called for some changes though. So far my garland has all been in the same color. But this time I was using two extra colors so that when I slip stitched the hearts to the strand it would be obvious. Maybe it isn't so important when you think about it but to me, it just felt tacky.

So I finished off the hearts and brought out the red yarn again to attach them with.

Attaching the Hearts
Find the center of the strand and attach one heart with a slip stitch. Take another heart and attach it on the other side of the heart about 5 inches away. Continue attaching along that side and then attach them in the same manner on the other side.

And there you have it, a strand of festive garland and a handful of heart ornaments you made yourself! It's a great feeling, isn't it?

I've hung mine in my room behind my little spruce all decorated in my heart ornaments. I must say though, that little spruce can really poke some holes in your fingers. But at least it's not a cactus! Yipes! (Some painful memories there).

What will you do with yours?

If you have any questions or would just like to leave a comment, please do! I would love to hear about your experiences.

You can buy an ad-free, inexpensive PDF version of this pattern at both Ravelry and Etsy!

Come back soon because next week I hope to share with you my latest Valentine's mini pillow!

[This is an original pattern created and designed by Amy Yarbrough of Ginger Peachy. You are welcome to copy the pattern for personal use but do not sell the pattern, distribute, or reprint it. Feel free to share a link to the pattern. You can sell products made from this pattern but please credit me, Amy Yarbrough of Ginger Peachy. Do not mass produce or factory manufacture using my pattern. Thanks for respecting the wishes of the designer, and be sure to ask me if you have any questions regarding this copyright.]

Rethinking My Daily Devotions

Like most people, there are a lot of things I feel that I fail at. Exercising, music practice, relationships, living a godly example, etc. When I get especially cranky I halfheartedly berate my mother, to her amusement, for not having been a demanding, "Chinese mother" in her training of us. But I don't mean it, and she knows it. Frankly, on such occasions I'm really just expecting perfection from myself.

I realize that for many people managing time in the morning for bible reading and prayer is a problem. Fortunately for me, I was raised doing this so that it automatically has fit into my schedule since I could remember. I am very grateful to my parents for this when I see how others struggle. But lest you think I've got it made, read on.

I don't normally rush through morning devotions. On the contrary, I take too long. From quite a young age I took to keeping a bible journal where I write down my thoughts relating to what I read. Since I love to write, there are times when I can be quite long-winded. Others in my family have asked what I find to write so much about. Most times it's nothing earth-shattering and sometimes it's as simple as summing up what I just read. But it helps me to better digest what I am reading as well as giving me pleasure. And yet therein lies my problem. I come to morning devotions with my books and notebooks and sit down to learn my lesson for the day. I read and reread a passage, I take some measly notes, I copy part of the scripture, but at the end I feel like I didn't learn much. So I try harder. I ask God to speak to me, teach me, show me the deeper meaning of His words. And sometimes He does. But sometimes nothing stands out and I accuse myself of not having been open enough to God's voice. In the end, I didn't learn a new lesson like I should have.

While reading the journals of Jim Elliot a few years ago I ran across an analogy that has stuck with me ever since. After all this time I finally think I am beginning to understand what it means. He said, "The altar of incense seems to be representative of my daily offering of worship to God... the incense altar is the place for the individual's offering of worship daily... So when I come to God morning and evening, there is the opportunity to place incense before Him" (emphasis mine). Jim was referring to Exodus 30: 1-8 where God commands the Israelites to build an altar of incense. The priest was to come in twice a day, morning and evening, to burn the incense God selected. The act was one of obedience and worship, and was done completely for the pleasure of God. It is truly a beautiful passage, and so full of meaning.

I stewed over that analogy for years. It felt so obvious and yet there was something that I knew I wasn't grasping. I asked God time and again to keep this going in my mind until I had unwrapped exactly what it meant, what He was trying to teach me.

I don't know when I finally did understand because it was a gradual thing. What the analogy was implying, that which I was unable to grasp, was that devotions, daily meeting with God, was not firstly about me coming to learn a lesson but a time of worship.

You start your day worshipping God and paying Him homage for who He is and what He is to us. The beauty of it is that even though the lesson is not the reason for daily devotions it inherently follows.

"Make me to realize that my individual devotion is not for the pleasure I get out of it, though I cannot help but enjoy its odors, but for Thee."

Such simple truth and yet is has been liberating to me. Before I thought I had to learn a lesson a day or I was letting God down -- failing in the school of spiritual growth, so to speak. I learned that daily time with God is not for me but for God, which is connectively for me as well.

When I view morning devotions as worship I am freeing God up to teach me what I could not see before because at that time I was too much in control. Similarly, holding too tightly to something and thus restricting it from doing what it was made to do. My only responsibility is to worship my Creator. Essentially what I was doing before was trying to get God to teach me something in my time, not His.

Can you see how momentous and revolutionizing this is? Can you relate to believing this misconception as well?

My hardest problem now is remembering what I have learned and not letting myself carelessly fall back into the old mindset. Worshiping God every morning takes commitment but once you commit, the lesson part is in God's hands and He won't disappoint.

What do you think? Does this make you reconsider how you conduct your morning devotions? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Passages quoted from The Journals of Jim Elliot, March 22, 1948 entry.

New Valentine's Pattern Sneak Peek!

This week has been buuu-ssssy. When I said I wasn't sure getting a part time job outside of home would fit into my schedule I was right. What with writing the review at the beginning of the week and putting the finishing touches on Crochet Spot's pattern, I haven't had a chance for much else.

My intentions were to also present a new Ginger Peachy pattern, starting my Valentine's designs. But I was biting off more than I could chew and had to let it go. And it worked out. I always try to have one "big" and one "small" post a week, and with the review, I figure today I would tell you a little about my week and the latest pattern I have designed.

So like I said, working on the review for The Resurrection of Gavin Stone took some time. I was thrilled to receive the email from asking if I was interested in viewing the movie before it came to theaters. I've been writing for years and hoping I'm getting somewhere, so when people take notice, well, there's just a good feeling there.

I definitely want to do more of this, but I do have to say that the viewing experience could have been a little more enjoyable. The first half went great, but by the end the stream was pausing every 2 minutes to load. Very frustrating! It definitely ruined a few moods the movie was trying to create. If that is what is going to happen every time someone is allowed to stream a movie before it comes to theaters, then I don't want it. But thankfully, the people at Crosswalk said they would look into it and see if they can fix things.

Now if I can get another good one like Beyond the Mask to view! Oh yeah!

Valentine's Crochet Pattern for Crochet Spot

I told Rachel I would start this month since I already had an idea in mind, but I hadn't started the pattern until the beginning of the week. I have to say, I was more than a little nervous that I wouldn't get it done in time. I'm good at saying I'll do something and then only afterward looking to see if I have the time.

My original idea was to make a Sweethearts pillow. Unfortunately, along the way I realized I would have to drop the name (copyright and all) and fudge a little on the candy colors. I went with Peaches N' Cream from Walmart (which I got some great colors and an amazing price) but my first intentions were Lily's Sugar N' Cream. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I wouldn't have been more pleased with Lily's colors. But it doesn't do any good now. What's done is done. And I'm surprisingly happy about it.

If I haven't said, I made a mini pillow. I love making them! My first was the Mountain Scenery Mini Pillow for Crochet Spot many years ago. I have a few more in mind I hope to get around to soon.

So though I don't have a new Etsy listing this week (and have shamefully neglected my store in that time), I hope I have lifted your hopes to see this pattern at Crochet Spot!

Next week I will share some homemade Valentine's decorations! Come back soon!

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone | Movie Review

Hello readers! I am excited to be able to share with you my review of an entirely brand new film called The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, coming to theaters January 20th!

If you take a look at my movie review page you will quickly notice that the majority of my posts are on old movies, like The Woman in White, Bachelor Mother, and State Fair. I am after all a vintage fanatic and unashamed to say so. But occasionally I find a film that deserves my attention. One of such has been Beyond the Mask, an excellent period action/adventure made by The Burns Family Studios. I absolutely love it when Christians put the time and effort into making a good movie that competes in quality and story with the secular world. This is what I want to see more often and am therefore, eager to support those who do.

Because of my review of Beyond the Mask, a member of Crosswalk approached me with an offer to review Vertical Church Films first full length feature film, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. Of course I said yes! Who wouldn't jump at the chance to view and review a movie not yet in theaters.

Interested? Here is my review of The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.


As a former child star, Gavin Stone's wild life lands him in trouble with the law. His punishment: 200 hours of community service at a church in his hometown where he will stay with his estranged father. Since cleaning bathrooms is hardly his line of work, he quickly signs up for the church passion play. Kelly, the pastor's daughter and play director, reluctantly casts Gavin in the role of Jesus. Confident in his ability to pass himself off as a Christian, Gavin says and does all the "right" things, while Kelly has her hands full trying to curb his suggestions for a more elaborate production. It soon becomes obvious that he knows nothing about the character of Jesus, and as he gets to know fellow church members, he discovers a selfless and caring attitude among them that he has never seen before. But just when Kelly thinks he may be changing for the better, Gavin receives a job offer from a former director and leaves them right before opening night. Suddenly he must decide whether he will choose the fame he has sought to regain or the new life he has found.

My Thoughts

Practically every moment while watching this film I was cringing at Gavin's ego. It was hilarious in a painful sort of way. The type of movie where the main character makes every faux pas possible and you can only blush on behalf of the idiot who doesn't realize his own mistakes. But the beauty of it is that, no matter how awkward he is in the Christian atmosphere, no one points it out. Gavin's over-dramatized idea of the Christian faith is challenged as Kelly and fellow Christian's accept him as he is and forgive him for his mistakes, showing him the Jesus he never knew.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone was directed by Dallas Jenkins, son of Jerry B. Jenkins, whose impressive film career includes Christian greats like Hometown Legend, which he did at the age of 25, and What If... with Kevin Sorbo and Kristy Swanson.

Actor and Character

Agents of Shield's Brett Dalton plays the part of Hollywood bad boy, Gavin Stone with only one rule, "Gavin comes first", until he finally finds what its all about.

My first introduction to Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, playing the character Kelly Richardson, was through her husband, Manwell Reyes from Group 1 Crew. I was amused by her Bon Qui Qui and surprised to discover her in the role as quirky waitress in Mom's Night Out. Contrary to her normal comedic style, Reyes plays the part of the "intense" pastors daughter, endeavoring to be a godly example to fellow church members, who learns the necessity of giving people a second chance. (I would highly recommend watching some of Anjelah Johnson-Reyes comedy routines on YouTube.)

Along with a few other amusing characters, the rough ex-con played by former WWE star Shawn Michaels befriends Gavin and helps him find the way to a better life. Michaels' own story of coming to Christ is a moving account of a wife's patience and the love of God. Watch this interview with Michaels to hear the story.

The Film's Theme

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone reassesses what people think about being a Christian and relating to those who aren't. All the do's and don'ts listed in the churchgoers manual are debunked. The message of this movie is God gives everyone a second chance. It's also a message to believers on what it means to be a godly example. As Shawn Michaels said in an interview with Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel, "You do better loving them into the kingdom as opposed to dragging them, kicking and screaming."

I hope this review has piqued your interest. The film comes out in theaters this Friday, January 20th! Check out the films page here and their Facebook page here for more information.

If you are a theater goer, be sure to support Christian filmmakers by going to see their films. As Andrea Nasfell of Vertical Church Films said, "See the movies you want to see, and then you will see more of the movies you want to see."

Amy's Signature Chunky Scarf | Crochet Pattern

No matter how many different projects I've designed, it's always great to come back to the basics. For me, those are scarves and hats. When I really started crocheting I made oodles of scarves and hats for myself and family. Frankly, I probably tired people out on them. I could just imagine them opening their present from me and thinking, "I'll bet I know what this is." But my family has always been great and appreciative. For a confirmed crochet addict, it's hard to remember that not everyone shares your obsession.

Today's pattern is a very simple scarf pattern that if you had an inkling of talent you could figure out for yourself. But just in case you aren't the pattern designing type, and would rather skip the trial and error process, I want to share with you my signature scarf pattern that everyone I know has at least on in their favorite color.

Years ago I chose Lion Brand's Homespun for this project because I really wanted to show off the beauty and character of the yarn. I have probably used this yarn numerous times and still have many colors yet to try. The yarn colorways pictured are, if I remember right, Purple Haze, Ambrosia, and Sundae Stripes.

The funny thing is, now that I think about it, I have never made myself one. Of course, I have other Homespun scarves, like the Floppy Hat and Scarf pattern that needs a good remodel. But next up I'll have to choose a color for myself, which is going to be hard.

Find the free pattern I designed for Crochet Spot by clicking here!

If you would like to buy a scarf, or a handful of scarves, I have a listing for them up in my Etsy store! The sky's the limit when it comes to Homespun colors. Choose as many colorways you like and let me know! 

On the side, I am once again working for Crochet Spot. The year away was good for me. I needed to take a break and get my thoughts sorted. It also pushed me to strike out for myself. Because business is just up and going, I figured I could use the financial extra of working for Rachel again. But Ginger Peachy is still first. The thing that convinced me most about working again for Crochet Spot was the lighter schedule. Previously I pushed myself to put out four patterns a month, most of which were extensive, and I eventually wore out, physically and mentally. Rachel has changed up the program so that I will be doing one per month. Granted the pay is less, but I think this will really work out with managing my own business too. Now if I can keep clear in my mind which patterns I am planning for Crochet Spot and which for Ginger Peachy. Lists to the rescue!

And that's it for this week! My next pattern will be a Valentine's pattern, both here and on Crochet Spot. I have a handful sketched out to do. I just hope I can get around to doing them!

Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me what you think!

Work on Etsy, a Part Time Job, and a Movie Review Request

This is one of those posts that covers a handful of topics. It's like what you would see stepping into my life for a moment. Or more descriptively, a snapshot of my present world of thought. Care to take a look?

Work on Etsy

Naturally, business is on my mind a great deal. I am happy to say that I have 12 listings in my Etsy store! With plans to sell crocheted items along with what I am already selling (mixed media projects and digital patterns), I expect to spend many more hours over the next few weeks making the additions. I found that I am going to have to create completely new listings from the digital patterns for the physical items. Which means I will be using my postal scale a lot more. By the way, have I told you about my postal scale?

My Postal Scale

After much research, and before I could list physical products on Etsy, I bought Accuteck's DreamColor series postal scale. It can hold up to 86 lbs, but more importantly for my line of work, it's sensitivity is 0.1 oz. I saw the gold and immediately wanted it. But as is often the case, what you want and what is practical are two different things. I knew I would find one that would prove to be a better buy. I was all prepared to buy Accuteck's All-in-One Series in black, their best seller, when I compared the two for the last time. I found that the rose gold version could hold a few more pounds and it had a third power option as well as what the All-in-One had. I was convinced. So I bought exactly what I wanted and have so far been very pleased with it. Now if only I can get myself a studio where I can display it instead of boxing it up until I need it again. The real test will be when my business is in full bloom and I'm taking orders like a pro.

Part Time Work

Since my business is so slow going (as all new business are) I have been determined anew to get a part time job again to pay for my craft addiction while I wait for my business to rake in the big bucks (right?). I know to many of you this is a no-brainer. But my intentions have been to build my own business. Whatever my reasons, I've been mulling over my options, struggling with outside pressure, and trying to be patient and wait for God to show me what I should do in this area. Before making any decisions I wanted to complete some of my business goals so that I could more clearly decide whether I would have time for "my new job" while still putting 100% into my business.

Rachel to the Rescue

Surprisingly, Rachel from Crochet Spot, where I used to work, has informed me of some helpful changes and asked if I was interested in coming back. Well, like I said, that was unexpected. But although I have not given her an answer just yet, I think this is an answer to prayer. I'm still trying to take all the necessary things into account before making a decision, such as whether this will interfere with my personal work, but I am quite happy about the turn of events. We'll see what happens.

Movie Review Offer

In the meantime, I have been given the chance to view and review an upcoming movie before it hits the theaters! After all the movie reviews I have written for my own enjoyment, I have now been asked to write one for a new movie. I must say I am pretty pleased. This is a step in the direction I have been wanting to go for a long time. I can't wait to see where it might lead. The movie is called The Resurrection of Gavin Stone and you can watch the trailer here.

In the Yarn Bag

I plan on posting the pattern for my signature Homespun scarves this week and at the same time adding a listing for custom orders of this project on Etsy. I won't go into the story of this pattern just now but you will be able to read it soon. I can't wait to get this up and going. And yet, I can't wait to get started on my next crochet and mixed media projects. Guys, I'm not waiting! I've gone Valentine's nuts like I do every year, and my next few projects will be red, pink, white and purple. Valentine's is really the only time I go crazy over those colors, you know. So come back soon to see what I have created!


Chunky Puff Stitch Cap and Scarf Set | New Crochet Pattern

Isn't it terrible how you can design and create things all year long and still end up neglecting to make so-and-so a good wintry scarf for those cold days? Or maybe you've made everything in the book but have never gotten around to that certain item you've always wanted to try your hand at.

If you are a crafter then you know exactly what I mean. There is just so much to make and so little time. When you have a large family like I do, you could spend your whole year making things just for them. And then comes extended family and good friends. But more often the case is that my business gets first serve.

After all these years I've been crocheting and I've never made my sister one of my signature scarves or a beret. (Those were my top "most crocheted items" back when I was just getting started). I shook my finger at myself --not for the first time, of course-- and made this next design especially for her.

While planning an idea with a chunky yarn for my brother she spotted the half used ball of Hometown USA in Dallas Gray and I knew this was the color I would have to use for her project. You might think she would choose a color like pink or purple, but no. She loves silver. Not gray, but silver. That's my sister; I'm never quite sure what she'll like next.

I can't recall where I got the idea to design a hat and scarf with the puff stitch. It's not like I've been admiring it. Hm. But either way, it worked out grand.

I started with the cap because I thought it would be the hardest. I ripped a few times but it really came together quite fast. When I finished it I was afraid my sister wouldn't like how bulky it was, but she surprised me and liked it just the way it was. Nevertheless, I took out a few rounds of single crochet at the end so that it didn't hang over her eyes and made sure the last round of slip stitch wasn't too tight. I'd like to think the hat would fit the head of a small adult to a fairly large one.

Next came the scarf. Easy peasy, right? WRONG! I don't know how many times I was nearly finished (or completely finished) and I had to rip it out and start over. First of all, I began by working the scarf with the same stitch pattern as the hat = one round of single crochet, one round of puff stitch. But because of the nature of crocheting, it came out wonky. I'll spare you the nitty gritty details. It would have been fine if I had wanted an asymmetrical scarf though. After that I ripped because the stitches were too tight, I ripped because the pattern was too loose, I ripped because I ran out of yarn and didn't want to have to buy a fifth skein, etc. Without exaggerating, I probably ripped around 10 times for various reasons and was beginning to wonder if I would ever finish the scarf. Finally I found the sweet spot and completed the piece. Only by this time I had ripped it so much, I'm afraid the yarn became fuzzy. Ick! Sometimes I wonder if there should be some practice yarn that is super hardy where you can work a piece again and again before finding the right pattern and working it in the lovelier, softer yarn you intended to use. But there would be too many problems with that...

So that is the story of how I got here, ready to introduce to you my latest crochet pattern. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you-- the Chunky Puff Stitch Cap and Scarf Set! Let's hear a round of applause! I think I earned it anyway.

Chunky Puff Stitch Cap and Scarf Set

Designed by Amy Yarbrough of Ginger Peachy

Skill Level Easy

Finished Size
Cap – Fits head circumference of 20” – 22” (51 – 56 cm)
Scarf – 4.5” (11.5 cm) wide, 72” (183 cm) long with fringe

Bulky weight yarn (Hometown USA in Dallas Gray)
  4 balls or 230 yards
Crochet hooks L/8.00mm, N/10.00mm and P/11.50mm

2 puffs = 2’’ (5 cm)
2 rows = 2’’ (5 cm)

Puff Stitch – Yo hook, insert hook into stitch, yo and draw up a loop, repeat two more times, yo and pull through all 4 loops on the hook. One puff stitch made.

Round 1: with L hook, make an adjustable ring, ch 1, 9 sc in ring, sl st in first sc: 9 sc
Round 2: ch 1, (puff, ch 1) in next 9, sl st in first puff: 9 puffs
Round 3: ch 1, 2 sc in between each puff around, sl st in first sc: 18 sc
Round 4: ch 1, puff in each sc around, sl st in first puff: 18 puffs
Round 5: ch 1, 2 sc in between each puff around, sl st in first sc: 36 sc
Round 6: ch 1, puff in each sc around, sl st in first puff: 36 puffs
Round 7: ch 1, sc in between each puff, sl st in first sc: 36 sc
Round 8: ch 1, puff in each sc around, sl st in first puff: 36 puffs
Round 9 – 12: repeat Rounds 7 – 8
Round 13: ch 1, sc in each sc around, sl st in first sc: 36 sc
Round 14: with N hook, ch 1, sl st in each sc around, sl st in first sl st: 36 sl st
Finish off.

Row 1: with P hook, ch 8 loosely, puff in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across: 8 puffs
Row 2 – 67: ch 2, turn, puff in between each puff across: 8 puffs
Finish off.

Cut 16 – 10” strands of yarn. Starting on one end of the scarf, insert hook partially through one stitch.  Take one strand and fold in half. Lay strand over hook at the center of the fold and pull through halfway. Take strand ends and pull through loop. Tug tight to secure. Repeat for remaining stitches on both ends of scarf.

Tip: To keep fringe strands from fraying, tie a knot at the very end.

Well, what do you think? I hope you think it's as grand as I do!

If you would like a PDF copy of this pattern you can purchase one at one of my stores, Etsy and Ravelry, very soon!

I always get scarf fever in the winter. I know they are the most made accessory but doesn't it make you happy to just sit down with another favorite yarn and make a scarf? The designs are endless! Chunky, average, small knit, fancy or simple, skinny or thick, long or short. And when I get tired of typical scarves I make cowls or infinity scarves.

My next pattern is a very simple scarf that everyone needs to have. I have made a number of them for my family so that they have become my signature scarves. I will be selling both the pattern as well as the scarves themselves. So come back soon!

This is an original pattern created and designed by Amy Yarbrough of Ginger Peachy. You are welcome to copy the pattern for personal use but do not sell the pattern, distribute, or reprint it. Feel free to share a link to the pattern. You can sell products made from this pattern but please credit me, Amy Yarbrough of Ginger Peachy. Do not mass produce or factory manufacture using my pattern. Thanks for respecting the wishes of the designer, and be sure to ask me if you have any questions regarding this copyright.

This is the Year I am Going to...

You know the list of things that you talk about doing but never get around to? We all have one. Maybe you've written it down, or maybe it's just in your head. Maybe it's short, or maybe it's filled with what you deem "impossibles". In that case, maybe you have more than one.

I love literally making lists, and I know I have told you how many notebooks I have (actually, I've lost count now. Is it 15? or 20?) Making lists helps me gather my thoughts and set goals, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. That list of things I want to do but never get around to should really be two lists, one of things that I consider "impossible" and the other of things that are just hard to get around to.

My impossible list is like:

  • Travel the world
  • Scuba Dive
  • Learn to surf
  • Work on NOAA's Okeanos
  • etc

They may never happen, then again they might. But more practically, here is my list of things I plan to accomplish/get around to this year:

  • Learn to knit - My mother bought my sister and I a knitting DVD many years ago for Christmas and every year I say I am going to learn to knit. But every time I grab a ball of yarn I also grab a hook, and so on. But not this year!
  • Get back into working with clay - I've already given my excuse for why I stopped in a previous post. This year I am going to pick it up again. I surprisingly have a handful of ideas I would like to try out, but I'd rather not talk about them before I've tried it and know whether it will work out. Too scared, I guess.
  • Sell my crochet products - For years I have talked about selling my crochet pieces but one thing or another discouraged or distracted me. This is actually an aspect I am in the process of implementing in my shop. I plan to add some updates soon letting people know that I am open to custom orders, and add new listings for them! Exciting, huh?
  • Step up my exercising - This one really is no surprise, is it? Everyone talks about "losing weight" around the beginning of the year. It's everyone's New Year's resolution. That's not what I mean though. I already exercise nearly every day, but I want to take it to a new level. We'll see what happens. I truly want to be positive about this one but busy life often causes conflicts and I more often than not end up discouraged. 

I guess I haven't given it enough thought because I should have a longer list than that. Hmm. Watch me suddenly come up with a whole bunch more after I click publish. 

Either way, it is really nice to have goals and expectations to reach for. It is interesting how, while this has been on my mind, Dr. Stanley's first two devotionals for this year have been on just that subject, making goals for your life. My only prayer is that I stay focused and actually meet these goals this year! 

What about you? What goals have you made for the new year? Have you given it much thought? Leave me a comment below!

With best wishes for the New Year,