Amy's Signature Chunky Scarf | Crochet Pattern

No matter how many different projects I've designed, it's always great to come back to the basics. For me, those are scarves and hats. When I really started crocheting I made oodles of scarves and hats for myself and family. Frankly, I probably tired people out on them. I could just imagine them opening their present from me and thinking, "I'll bet I know what this is." But my family has always been great and appreciative. For a confirmed crochet addict, it's hard to remember that not everyone shares your obsession.

Today's pattern is a very simple scarf pattern that if you had an inkling of talent you could figure out for yourself. But just in case you aren't the pattern designing type, and would rather skip the trial and error process, I want to share with you my signature scarf pattern that everyone I know has at least on in their favorite color.

Years ago I chose Lion Brand's Homespun for this project because I really wanted to show off the beauty and character of the yarn. I have probably used this yarn numerous times and still have many colors yet to try. The yarn colorways pictured are, if I remember right, Purple Haze, Ambrosia, and Sundae Stripes.

The funny thing is, now that I think about it, I have never made myself one. Of course, I have other Homespun scarves, like the Floppy Hat and Scarf pattern that needs a good remodel. But next up I'll have to choose a color for myself, which is going to be hard.

Find the free pattern I designed for Crochet Spot by clicking here!

If you would like to buy a scarf, or a handful of scarves, I have a listing for them up in my Etsy store! The sky's the limit when it comes to Homespun colors. Choose as many colorways you like and let me know! 

On the side, I am once again working for Crochet Spot. The year away was good for me. I needed to take a break and get my thoughts sorted. It also pushed me to strike out for myself. Because business is just up and going, I figured I could use the financial extra of working for Rachel again. But Ginger Peachy is still first. The thing that convinced me most about working again for Crochet Spot was the lighter schedule. Previously I pushed myself to put out four patterns a month, most of which were extensive, and I eventually wore out, physically and mentally. Rachel has changed up the program so that I will be doing one per month. Granted the pay is less, but I think this will really work out with managing my own business too. Now if I can keep clear in my mind which patterns I am planning for Crochet Spot and which for Ginger Peachy. Lists to the rescue!

And that's it for this week! My next pattern will be a Valentine's pattern, both here and on Crochet Spot. I have a handful sketched out to do. I just hope I can get around to doing them!

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