New Valentine’s Pattern Sneak Peek!

This week has been buuu-ssssy. When I said I wasn’t sure getting a part time job outside of home would fit into my schedule I was right. What with writing the review at the beginning of the week and putting the finishing touches on Crochet Spot’s pattern, I haven’t had a chance for much else.

My intentions were to also present a new Ginger Peachy pattern, starting my Valentine’s designs. But I was biting off more than I could chew and had to let it go. And it worked out. I always try to have one “big” and one “small” post a week, and with the review, I figure today I would tell you a little about my week and the latest pattern I have designed.

So like I said, working on the review for The Resurrection of Gavin Stone took some time. I was thrilled to receive the email from asking if I was interested in viewing the movie before it came to theaters. I’ve been writing for years and hoping I’m getting somewhere, so when people take notice, well, there’s just a good feeling there.

I definitely want to do more of this, but I do have to say that the viewing experience could have been a little more enjoyable. The first half went great, but by the end the stream was pausing every 2 minutes to load. Very frustrating! It definitely ruined a few moods the movie was trying to create. If that is what is going to happen every time someone is allowed to stream a movie before it comes to theaters, then I don’t want it. But thankfully, the people at Crosswalk said they would look into it and see if they can fix things.

Now if I can get another good one like Beyond the Mask to view! Oh yeah!

Valentine’s Crochet Pattern for Crochet Spot

I told Rachel I would start this month since I already had an idea in mind, but I hadn’t started the pattern until the beginning of the week. I have to say, I was more than a little nervous that I wouldn’t get it done in time. I’m good at saying I’ll do something and then only afterward looking to see if I have the time.

My original idea was to make a Sweethearts pillow. Unfortunately, along the way I realized I would have to drop the name (copyright and all) and fudge a little on the candy colors. I went with Peaches N’ Cream from Walmart (which I got some great colors and an amazing price) but my first intentions were Lily’s Sugar N’ Cream. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I wouldn’t have been more pleased with Lily’s colors. But it doesn’t do any good now. What’s done is done. And I’m surprisingly happy about it.

If I haven’t said, I made a mini pillow. I love making them! My first was the Mountain Scenery Mini Pillow for Crochet Spot many years ago. I have a few more in mind I hope to get around to soon.

So though I don’t have a new Etsy listing this week (and have shamefully neglected my store in that time), I hope I have lifted your hopes to see this pattern at Crochet Spot!

Next week I will share some homemade Valentine’s decorations! Come back soon!

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