This is the Year I am Going to...

You know the list of things that you talk about doing but never get around to? We all have one. Maybe you've written it down, or maybe it's just in your head. Maybe it's short, or maybe it's filled with what you deem "impossibles". In that case, maybe you have more than one.

I love literally making lists, and I know I have told you how many notebooks I have (actually, I've lost count now. Is it 15? or 20?) Making lists helps me gather my thoughts and set goals, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. That list of things I want to do but never get around to should really be two lists, one of things that I consider "impossible" and the other of things that are just hard to get around to.

My impossible list is like:

  • Travel the world
  • Scuba Dive
  • Learn to surf
  • Work on NOAA's Okeanos
  • etc

They may never happen, then again they might. But more practically, here is my list of things I plan to accomplish/get around to this year:

  • Learn to knit - My mother bought my sister and I a knitting DVD many years ago for Christmas and every year I say I am going to learn to knit. But every time I grab a ball of yarn I also grab a hook, and so on. But not this year!
  • Get back into working with clay - I've already given my excuse for why I stopped in a previous post. This year I am going to pick it up again. I surprisingly have a handful of ideas I would like to try out, but I'd rather not talk about them before I've tried it and know whether it will work out. Too scared, I guess.
  • Sell my crochet products - For years I have talked about selling my crochet pieces but one thing or another discouraged or distracted me. This is actually an aspect I am in the process of implementing in my shop. I plan to add some updates soon letting people know that I am open to custom orders, and add new listings for them! Exciting, huh?
  • Step up my exercising - This one really is no surprise, is it? Everyone talks about "losing weight" around the beginning of the year. It's everyone's New Year's resolution. That's not what I mean though. I already exercise nearly every day, but I want to take it to a new level. We'll see what happens. I truly want to be positive about this one but busy life often causes conflicts and I more often than not end up discouraged. 

I guess I haven't given it enough thought because I should have a longer list than that. Hmm. Watch me suddenly come up with a whole bunch more after I click publish. 

Either way, it is really nice to have goals and expectations to reach for. It is interesting how, while this has been on my mind, Dr. Stanley's first two devotionals for this year have been on just that subject, making goals for your life. My only prayer is that I stay focused and actually meet these goals this year! 

What about you? What goals have you made for the new year? Have you given it much thought? Leave me a comment below!

With best wishes for the New Year,

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