Month: February 2017

Watering My Green Thumb

My babies last year. After falling into a batch of cactus when I was little and having to sit on a sore bum all the way home, I swore to hate the prickly beasts for the rest of my life. And yet, much more recently, […]

Cinder – Book One of the Lunar Chronicles | Book Review

(Because I abhor spoilers myself, I will try to keep the details and bulk of the story a secret!) Being a cyborg may have its advantages, like good mechanical skills and the ability to digitally analyze what she sees, but for Cinder they separate her […]

Does Good Business Mean Compromising Who You Are?

Being your own boss is growing in popularity with the ease the internet provides in running your own cloud-based business. There’s also a great deal of advice on how to go about it. I’m young and new to business for the most part. At least […]

A Little Bit of a Slump

Since the beginning of this year I have had a long to-do list in nearly every area of my business life — crocheting, mixed media, store work, blog work, affiliate work, etc. I wrapped up my crochet list with Valentine’s and finished my latest mixed […]

Be My Love Valentine’s Plaque | A Mixed Media Project

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! And I mean everyone. For Valentine’s Day can be celebrated whether you have a significant other or not. This is the third plaque I have decorated and I’m loving it! Moving from flat, scrapbook pages to 3D plaques has been an […]

Cupcake Delight Mini Pillow | New Crochet Pattern

(See updated version here! When purchasing a PDF copy of this pattern you will receive the updated pattern!)After continual coaxing and suggestions, my sister finally convinced me to make a cupcake themed project. The fact of the matter is not that I never wanted to, […]

Confessions of a Writer that Won’t Write

I’ve always accused myself of having too many interests and viewed it as a bad thing. Even today I tell myself that maybe I would be better at some things if I had fewer interests. But the fact of the matter is that God has […]

Glitzy Heart Mini Pillow | New Crochet Pattern

Well I had planned to blog sooner this week but we had a surprise visit from my sister and her family. My little niece and nephew are just too cute, I simply couldn’t hold myself to my normal schedule with them around. The last time […]