A Little Bit of a Slump

Since the beginning of this year I have had a long to-do list in nearly every area of my business life -- crocheting, mixed media, store work, blog work, affiliate work, etc.

I wrapped up my crochet list with Valentine's and finished my latest mixed media idea and now I find myself kind of wondering, what now? Oh, I can think of a hundred things to do and projects to finish, but for some reason I find myself in a slump. Maybe I need a break.

I have 21 items in my shop, crochet patterns, crochet products, and mixed media products alike. I have a handful of patterns to add and a few products to add as well, and yet, in my slump of an attitude, I wonder if I'm getting anywhere. These days I am wondering if the public really wants to see a shop full of all kinds of things to choose from or would I catch their attention more with a few new things in a confined category. I realize on Etsy I have a lot of competition. Still thinking on this matter but would welcome anyone's advice.

So, in my slump I also wondered what to write about today. Can you believe I made a list of at least nine post ideas and didn't want to do any? So instead I sit here rambling on. Maybe it's for the better. Sometimes I don't think I am personal enough here on my blog. Like maybe I am trying to be too professional and not personal. I see others saying this too, in an effort to have their work and business recognized they heap on the anxiety and restrictions. It's a fragile balance, one that I run into every few months. I can't tell you how much a blessing it is to know that God is in control of my future. It's way to harried for me.

One of my favorite movies, State Fair (1945). Read my review here!

But one happy thought resides, my birthday is tomorrow! Can I talk about my birthday for a minute? Hearing me talk people would think we gave huge parties for birthdays, but we don't. I realize, compared to some people, we do very little for birthdays around here. But what we do is special and tradition, and that's what matters. What do we do? Well, the day is for the birthday person. I choose my meal and dessert, which is always something like lasagna or Asian food and chocolate pudding cake. Someone in my family makes a personalized banner and drapes it over the china cabinet while someone else will hang streamers, colors that I have chosen. I get to pick the music or people pick what they know I like, I get to choose the movie we watch, and basically that's it. I guess I love a chance to celebrate, however simply.

Now my hardest decision is what will I choose to watch this birthday? Oh yes, this is a hard one. I have so many favorites!! The top three are (a version of) Persuasion, The Count of Monte Cristo, or The Scarlet Pimpernel. See what I mean?! I may just choose a good ol' black and white suspense like Night Train to Munich with Margaret Lockwood and Rex Harrison.

But anyway... Maybe by the time Monday arrives I will be out of my slump and ready to get to work. Although I could play jacks... read Tintin comics... or play around on my new tablet. But no, seriously.

Before Christmas I was working on two projects, a baby blanket and a Steampunk Top Hat. I will pick those back up and hopefully have a pattern to post by the end of next week. Also, before too long I will share with you my latest pattern I made for Crochet Spot. You want a hint? All green!! If you follow me on Instagram you will have a good idea of what it is.

Soon I plan to start my Carousel mixed media piece. I had an idea for it many months ago but got sidetracked with the holidays and a lack of supplies. I now have the supplies and am ready to work! If you want to see the idea I had, check out my Instagram post a few months back.

And how is that for a rambling post? Actually, talking helps a person get their thoughts realigned. I don't know about you, but this has been good for me.

Thanks for bearing with me while I talk. Come back soon for some creative treats!

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