Month: March 2017

Bridgette Bunny Pillow | New Crochet Design

(The pattern for the Bridgette Bunny Pillow is available at Crochet Spot! The pillow itself is available for purchase at the Ginger Peachy Store!) After finishing up the Diplodocus Dino Mini Pillow the week before last I left myself with only about 7 days to […]

A Little Crafting Garble

I usually intend something a little more special for the end of the week, like a pattern or crafting tutorial or something in that line. But every once and a while I just have nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’ve heard it said, if you don’t have […]

Diplodocus Dino Mini Pillow | New Crochet Pattern

(You can purchase a PDF copy of this pattern at my Etsy shop or my Ravelry shop! Or purchase the pillow itself at Ginger Peachy Store!) Hey there, and happy St. Patrick’s Day! Unfortunately, this pattern has nothing to do with the holiday. *Sigh* Too bad. But hey, there’s […]

A Man with a Relatable Problem

A Man with a Relatable Problem

  What propels us to do what we do?   What reasons do we have for the decisions we make?   Do we worry what others will think before making certain decisions?   It is the Christian’s objective to live for Christ, to stand up […]

My Nautical Jewelry Obsession | Jewelry Making

At this point in the week I normally share with you a crochet pattern, but since my little dino mini pillow still needs some work, (I want it to be perfect!), I will turn to another of my favorite crafts, jewelry making! For Christmas I […]

Where are Creationist Marine Biologists? Do They Even Exist?

You know the feeling of loneliness you get when you are surrounded by a crowd of strangers? What about the feeling of relief when you suddenly see a familiar face? I’m sure anyone can understand this, but for a Christian in this liberal world, these […]

The New and Better Cupcake Delight Mini Pillow | New Crochet Pattern

[You can buy a PDF version of this pattern on Ravelry and GingerPeachyStore on Etsy! Or purchase the pillow itself!] Before you say this looks familiar, let me explain. This pattern is a remodel of my first design. It’s supposedly better than the last, which is still available here.  […]