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At this point in the week I normally share with you a crochet pattern, but since my little dino mini pillow still needs some work, (I want it to be perfect!), I will turn to another of my favorite crafts, jewelry making!

For Christmas I received three nautical pendants that I just adored: a sea star locket, a jeweled whipstaff, and a twine tangled anchor. I’ve made quite a few pieces in my years making jewelry but never great quantities at a time, so my stash of supplies is kind of moderate, meaning I had to wait until I could get what I needed before I could make them into wearable jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry, I’m a long necklace and dangly earrings sort of girl. I don’t really do bracelets, rings, anklets, brooches, or small earrings, although there are times when I break the mold. I’m also kind of natural in my choice of material. I would choose a beaded necklace over a diamond one nearly every time. This is not to say though that I do not like bling. You’ve got me at pearls!

Nautical pendants are perfect and my mother knows it. She made an excellent choice in stocking stuffers for me, but then again, she always does. I made the sea star locket with some gold chain I already had but I had to wait for material for the other two.

After hours of searching and comparing chains, jump rings, and necklace clasps from Joann’s online I finally rounded up my list and made an order. Frankly, I despise ordering jewelry supplies. The brands that Joann’s supplies never give enough information, like Blue Moon Beads and Jewelry Basics. I always end up with chain that is too big, or too chunky.

Then there’s color. There’s gold, bright gold, rose gold, brass, antique brass, brushed brass, oxidized brass, and then copper, etc! Each brands version of that color looks like a different one in the other brand. I could pull my hair out.

In desperation, I found another site called and loved the detailed information on each product. The prices were pretty good, if I’m any judge, that is, until I encountered the chain. I sighed and went back to Joann’s. And what do you know? At least two kinds of chain I bought isn’t going to work, and I discovered I already had plenty of antique brass jump rings.

There’s got to be a better way.

Okay, so I won’t keep on about my ordering woes, but here is one last example. I thought the chain would be smaller, better for a delicate looking pendant like this. It turns out the color isn’t even right. I was calling the metal of the pendant copper, but in comparison to this chain, it’s rose gold! I got this pendant maybe two years ago and still haven’t quite found a chain I like.

So anyway, this week I set up shop to assemble the necklaces. My sister kindly brought in the umbrella lights (so sad that I don’t know what they are called and she is not here right now to tell me). As I have said before, I try to be professional but when she is around, I get lazy and let her do it.

I had already finished the gold sea star locket and had the anchor and whipstaff remaining. I wasn’t sure about it, but I decided to mix two small chains for the anchor. Afterward I tried to like it but couldn’t.

I got this chain later and am much more pleased with it. I told Mom, if I didn’t one hundred percent like it, then I most likely would not wear it. And what a waste of a good pendant.

A little loot from my last order. I thought that chain had so much potential. I just neglected to note that the length is only 24 inches.

And here we are! I think this one turned out the best. When I first made it, and my sister learned it was a locket, she borrowed it while I was working, quite suspiciously, and then gave it back. I didn’t pay much attention but then I caught her laughing about something to the others and realized she was up to something. When I opened my locket, guess what I saw? A mini picture of Henry Cavill. Very funny. The humor of my siblings sometimes.

I am a total gold person, mind you, no silver. Well, unless you count the silver anchor earrings I sometimes wear. But the funny thing is, sometimes bright gold can be a bit much for me. Surprisingly, this necklace is perfect. I don’t mind the bright gold a bit. I made this one 28 inches long, just long enough without being too casual.

I chose jute for this pendant mostly because I didn’t have a chain I liked. When I do find a chain worthy of this pendant, you can be sure I’ll take this necklace apart. But until then, I don’t mind sharing my ingenuity in adding a few special touches.

I overlapped the twine and knotted it evenly in two places on either side of the pendant. I guess you can’t see it in this picture. Shame, because I did a good job, if I don’t mind saying so myself. Although I was aiming for a length of about 20 inches, with this design I can make it as long as 25 inches to a choker. I definitely didn’t want to go too long when using twine or the necklace would look twiggy.

And my lovely jute-covered anchor with white flukes. I really am glad I changed the chain from the two strands of small chain to this one strand of larger chain. Now I think I can wear it with ease. Because of the casual-ness of this piece I wanted it to be longer than the rest, so I chose a length of 32 inches long.

Frankly though, now that I look at it, it doesn’t seem much longer than the locket…

Did you like my pictures? I borrowed some ideas from watching my sisters product photography attempts and the videos she watches. Maybe not the best, but I think it was a little bit inspired.

Actually, I used some old and dear elements for these scenes. That checkerboard was a gift from my Grandpa that he made years ago for my parents. The china has also been here for as long as I can remember. I’m thinking the set was a gift from Mom’s Grandmother. But I’m not sure.

Anyway, that does it for this weeks craft post! How do you like my necklaces? Tell me what you think in the comments below! (If you can’t find the comment section, then click on the post title to go directly to the posts page and the comments are at the bottom).

Thanks for reading! Come back soon for the grand unveiling of my dino mini pillow!!

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