Gold Spattered Robin’s Eggs for Easter

Happy Easter all!!

Easter means buying new dress clothes for church, preparing a dish to take to the family get-together, hearing the incredible account of Jesus’ resurrection, giving chocolate bunnies, and of course, dyeing and hunting eggs. We were never overly celebratory of Easter, for no reason in particular, but we did have a few traditions, mostly revolving around the customary family get-together. I can probably count on one hand the times we as children had a chance to dye eggs, which is regrettable but not mentally injurious to our childhood growth. We had a great time hunting plastic eggs, and occasionally, others would bring real eggs that had been dyed.

Tradition is so important because it gives a person memories to look back on and look forward to. When they revolve around family it brings relationships closer together and builds a solid foundation into the life of a child. Sadly, when people grow they can often grow apart and traditions fall apart as well. This year we won’t be doing the traditional family get-together, but I wanted to do something in celebration all the same.

Last year I posted an article in March about some craft buys that I intended to make into exciting spring projects. Unfortunately, I never got around to painting the paper eggs that were in the batch.

This year I was not going to let the opportunity pass so easily. I had promised my sister and was determined to make good on my promise. So we looked up some wonderful ideas on Pinterest, and oohed and ahhed over the elaborately painted pysanka eggs from Ukraine, pinning way too many. Since there were twelve eggs, and we rarely have a chance to paint these days, I divided the amount in half and we freestyled on the first half, while I planned something special for the last half. Here’s our separate designs.

We were planning on going Greek but I ended up painting vines and my brother did one of his ancient patterns on his egg. He creates wooden weaponry and thus has ample opportunity to practice those old celtic, viking, and etc, designs. Once he gets his creations organized I’ll have to do a post on them.

For the last half I chose a style similar to the DIY Dyed Robin Eggs from Erica at Honestly Yum. Hers are real eggs that she has dyed with red cabbage (of all things) to get her blue color. It’s an amazing idea and an interesting post. I set about separating all the blue and green acrylic paints we had and then started mixing.

I’ll be honest, I always want a color we don’t have and I always make a complicated mix to get the color I want. I try to be brainy and mentally “measure” how much and what of each I put in but this time, for some reason, I didn’t even bother. I just wanted Robin’s Egg Blue! So I mixed and mixed until I had what I wanted.

Remnants of my paint mixes.

The last blue egg.

My sister spattering her egg gold.

My other sister, who can’t leave the silver paint alone even though we are using gold, thinks she is Victor Von Doom.

We even got Mom to paint an egg! (She doesn’t think she’s very crafty but we know that’s not true). I took a hard bristled brush and watered a batch of gold paint and then spattered our blue and green eggs. Frankly, I think we got more gold spattering on the table and our arms then we did on the eggs. But it was super fun and super easy!

After that I started searching for a way to display the eggs, and wouldn’t you know, we went through and decluttered last year and therefore have little in the way of baskets. I was just about to give up when I spotted one Mom uses at Christmas to put books in. Perfect! I took it outside and filled it with dried pine needles.

This morning was photoshoot time and guess what, I had a buddy.

Look closely at the bottom, left corner. See him? I kind of got sidetracked momentarily and made him the star of the show.

Isn’t he so cute?!!! I could kiss him!! But I don’t think he would appreciate it. I’ve spent so many days of my younger life chasing and catching toads. But I guess I am once again getting sidetracked. I wrote a post on toads five years ago, read it here.

And that is our Easter creations! Sometimes it is just so good to get crafty. When was the last time you took a moment to craft? You know, it’s good for your soul.

Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts! Next week I will be sharing my next mixed media piece and I can’t wait to show you! See you soon!

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