Nothing But WIPs

I feel like 50% of the posts I write are excuses for why I wasn’t able to write about what I had planned. This is the second time in the last few weeks that I have been unable to prepare a project for my Friday craft post. Of course, I always have good excuses, but I’ve come to realize, yet once again, that it is time for some schedule readjustments.

But at least I can share some work in progress photos to show that I have indeed been busy. One of my worst mistakes is underestimating how much time a project is going to take. I never can give myself enough time to meet a deadline. On the other hand, if I knew that I could work hours a day at it maybe I would be able to. But as I have said time and again, my neck and shoulders won’t allow too many consecutive days of crocheting.

I have been working steadily all week but yesterday I woke up in pain and decided that it was time to give myself a day off from crocheting. So instead I worked on my mixed media piece.

I’ve done some more since but you’ll have to wait until I have finished for better pictures. I have so many mixed media ideas only I take forever creating them. Plus, I always end up creating ideas that I have to buy specific material for.

Among the crochet projects this is the one that has kept me busy the last week or so.

The top picture was working out the basic design. I’ll talk more on that in a later post. The second picture is what I have finished today. I did a whole panel today!! But then my eyes said, “Enough!!” I have so much more to do: eyes, nose, and ear embroidery, arms, shirt plaid, skirt stripes, and et cetera. I just pray that I don’t pay for my long hours of work today tomorrow and can’t finish. We’ll see. Maybe next week I’ll get back on blogging track.

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