Sweet Vintage Carousel | A Mixed Media Project

It's finally up, my latest mixed media creation! Last week I shared some work-in-progress pictures (this post) and here is the finished product!

(You can purchase this at my Ginger Peachy Store on Etsy!)

The Idea

About 6 months ago, I shared a sketch on Instagram of a mixed media idea with a carousel. While researching carousel inspiration I ran across so many beautiful pictures of carousels around the world. Some had double or triple decks, others had strange and unique animals, and still others were vintage reproductions. I enjoyed the experience very much, and was frankly inspired to do more than one piece.

These pictures brought back memories of carousels growing up. Like the double-decker carousel in a mall that has since shut down. As a little child, I both loved and feared that one. It seemed unending. Then there was a simple carousel at a amusement park that I rode with my little sister who was just a baby at the time. And the stories could go on.

The Process

I wanted to be very basic with the idea and not include other animals or crazy additions. I originally wanted a cream background but felt that it took away from the polka dot horses, which by the way, are supposed to be Frosted Animal Cookie horses. Did you get that impression? So I chose a lilac color instead.

I fiddle with patterns and colors, and altered some from original thoughts, but there's no surprise there. I rarely have a piece that comes out exactly as I designed it.

The floral paper that makes up the bulk of the carousel I had previously used for my Be My Love Plaque. It's such a beautiful pattern and it just seemed to work so well for this idea, I just had to use it again.

I bought gold foil paper for the center pole and outside poles of the carousel, and free-handed the loopy carousel border, top and bottom. I struggled with this one. I want to reach professional levels with my designs and thus work to create recordable sizing and measurements. When I was first playing around with scrapbooking I would just use what I had on hand, but professionally, I need to be able to reproduce the same design when necessary. And yet, at the same time, I don't want my projects to lose character. Any machine can produce perfect lines and arches. If you want something like that then you can purchase a $10 picture from a cheap store.

So my arches are not perfect, or my lines not entirely straight (though I sincerely try to make them), this just means there's more human involvement here.

Here is the page all put together and the ribbon ready to be trimmed off the frame. In the sketch you can see there are a few differences, like the lace for instance. I really wanted to add lace ribbon to the bottom of the carousel but in the end, the blue cardstock looked better, and the lace ended up on the frame.

The Finished Product

For this project, I left out the glass in the frame. With 3D projects, glass tends to smoosh the design and take away from the carefully constructed feeling of the creation. I don't really know how to explain it any other way. It just fits.

The title plaque probably caused me the most concern. I don't like my handwriting for fancy projects and I am no good at free-handing fancy script. So I borrowed an idea from my Give Thanks Plaque. I found a font I wanted, printed it (backwards) and laid the printed side over my pre-cut plaque. I rubbed the opposite side of the paper like you would a transfer and the ink left a light imprint. I then took my drawing pen and cautiously filled in the lines. Not too bad, if I don't mind saying so myself.

Only by accident did I decide to turn the foil poles on the outside inward. Before I attached the elements, the paper shifted and I realized that this gave the impression of being circular.

Some closeups of the frame detail.

So far I haven't decorated the frames of the projects I've done, which made it handy for me to swap the frames around. But this time, I knew my carousel needed more around it than just a plain white, distressed frame. There was little question in mind as I slapped on a lace bow and little pearl embellishments with Mod Podge.

So how do you like it? My own little touch on old-fashioned carousels! As you can see, I did not withhold the buttons. Choosing orange buttons really make the floral pop, don't you think? I'm thinking of another vintage amusement park idea, maybe revolving around swings...

If you are interested in purchasing this new creation of mine, or something like it, be sure to stop by Ginger Peachy Store on Etsy! And remember, I would love to work on a custom idea for anyone who has something special in mind!

Once again, thanks to my sister for her awesome photography!!

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