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Your’s, Mine, and Ours (1968) is one of my favorite movies. There are a lot of things I appreciate about it, like how the children are more respectful and they don’t paint large families as uncontrollable and wild. But as a self-proclaimed fashion aficionado, it’s a great blast from the past, as they say.

While watching the film the other night I had an idea to draw a few sketches of similar design. The sketches above are the result. Later I took watercolor pencils and gave the sketches some color.

If you are not familiar with the movie, each girl is based after one of the oldest girls in the movie: Rosemary, Louisa, and Colleen. Rosemary was dark-haired and she wore her hair long, while Louisa wore hers short. Colleen was a red-head and wore hers long as well but with short bangs.

Let me show you a few screenshots from the film that particularly inspired these dresses.

Rosemary is the one in center in the light purple dress. I took the color from this one but the design of my sketch for her was a mix of them all. Notice that Louisa is in yellow, a color she wears many times.

This shot is the one that inspired Louisa’s yellow dress. Now that I look at it, I had intended on making my sketch of her sleeveless like this one but I somehow lost that thought by the time I got to her.

I like Rosemary’s dress here also, by the way. The color is unique, and the style with the puffed sleeves and detailed front looks like a modernized Victorian dress.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good shot of Colleen’s dress full length, but this is partially the dress that inspired my sketch. She often wears baby doll style dresses in pink. Frankly I find it funny to put a red-head in pink, since I am a red-head who looks terrible in pink. But I’ve learned that there are green-eyed red-heads and blue-eyed red-heads, and the blue-eyed can wear the cooler tones. But that’s alright, I am happy with my earthy tones.

Here is a mini-shirtdress Colleen wears with ankle length stockings and flats.

Now here is a change of style for her – a terribly cute outfit consisting of a beige sweater and orange plaid mini-skirt. She is also wearing stockings and flats.

For a toned down mood, she wears a simple pale yellow button-up with a pair of stylish but casually loose gray slacks.

In this last picture, she wears a dress very similar to the one I drew. Only unless I recalled it from memory, I didn’t see this till I had finished my sketch. Upon closer inspection, you can see that her dress is striped with orange.

One thing that I included in every sketch was a headband. This was the era where no matter what hairstyle you wore, if you wanted to be stylish, wear a headband. This is also a good example of late 60’s makeup.

Rosemary wears a deep teal here in keeping with the dark colors she is often seen in. It’s an interesting look with its white edging and low waist. She also wears a choker style necklace with a gold pendant. For once she is not wearing a headband, but I like it as well.

And lastly, Louisa wears a loose fitting tank top with slacks while Rosemary wears another low-waisted dress. Come to think of it, hers here looks a little like what I had in mind, so I must have been recalling from memory after all. I have seen it a good many times… But I still can’t name all of the characters. Can you?

Lucille Ball wears a simple but lovely plaid, linen dress during this scene.

The little girls and boys in this film were so adorable. This was when kids wore cute clothes instead of miniature adult clothes. You’ll see big, rounded collars, pastel plaids on summer dresses, and dark plaid button-ups, just too cute!

I tried to cut down the pictures I chose to share in this post (you wouldn’t believe it, right?), but I could definitely have added more. With so many ages and personalities, this movie is a plethora of retro inspiration. In fact, because of the many characters I think it is a good example of all around life in this time period. And that’s why I like it.

It’s great fun looking back over the years of history and discovering things about it that are no longer a part of our modern culture. Not only am I fascinated by retro clothing, but I love to find out how they used to eat and live in days past. In some ways life hasn’t changed much. But in other ways, there are pieces of history that are completely lost.

What’s your opinion of lost history? What do you think about my sketches? Are you a retro fashion lover like me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or comment on any of my social medias. Find links at the top, right of the page!

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