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Since designing my first garland last Christmas I have made five different garland patterns, three of which you can find right here at Ginger Peachy, while all of them are listed on my Etsy. I have developed a fascination with garland, like the fascination with the mini pillows. There are so many different designs possible within the garland or mini pillow format. Are you getting tired of them? You will before I do, so let me know!

This week I am sharing my latest garland design, created for Crochet Spot, inspired by the arrival of spring and everything green. My brother’s strawberries have reached their spring peak and while they were growing I thought, how natural it would be to design a strand of strawberries! The red just pops against the green, and the little blossoms add pleasant accents of yellow and white.

I originally sketched out two different garland ideas. One was like this, what I consider 2D, with flat strawberries on a single strand. The other would have been more involved, 3D strawberries and enough leaves and blossoms to cover the garland strand. It’s really hard to decide between two ideas like this since immediately you realize that one is easy and simple and the other long and involved. I’m never one to sacrifice a good project for less work. It feels cheap and second best. But in this case, I liked both ideas, obviously. So I got a second opinion, or more. Surprisingly, those of my family that were around at the time to consult said they liked the simpler, 2D garland idea better. Who knew? So I went for it. But I can’t help wondering what the other would have looked like. Don’t worry, someday I’ll just have to try it.

Let’s take a look at the process. (The pattern will be available at Crochet Spot soon, and the garland itself is available for purchase at Ginger Peachy Store!)

Initially I planned on 5 strawberries, 4 blossoms, and 9 leaves. But before I got to 9 with the leaves I did what I always do, measure up. I measured my idea up to what I had. It turned out that I preferred 5 of each. Now I’m glad I didn’t crochet 4 more leaves.

What do you think of my strawberries, blossoms, and leaves? Aren’t they cute?

Sometimes I use sport weight yarn for my garland, and sometimes I use acrylic, medium weight. For some reason, though, cotton was the natural candidate for this piece. I had a lot leftover from the Pastel Hearts Mini Pillow I made, plus some more I had bought for color comparison, so it was obvious that cotton would be used.

One thing about cotton, though. I love the look of it, and I love how sturdy it is, but I often give my wrists a workout when I use it. There’s no give, so when the gauge is tight, my muscles are just as tight. Thence comes the pain. But happily, this project didn’t take a whole lot out of me. It was easier than I expected, and I am glad.

I did something different this time. I incorporated the method of attaching the elements into the pattern of each piece. For example, before completing the strawberry and leaf design, you slip stitch into the garland and then complete the piece, strawberry cap or leaf stem.

Because of this, I recommend crocheting the garland strand first, whereas normally I crochet it last. Of course, for the design process I did crochet it last, and I simply ripped to get to the part of the pattern of each element where I wanted to attach it. But you crochet different when you are designing a pattern and not working an already finalized one.

Here is a lovely closeup of the garland finished and all pieces attached. Many times I work my garland on our living room floor, stretching to and fro to attach the pieces and measure the strand. This time I took it to the table where I did not have to stretch and strain. It worked like a studio, with everything at my fingertips. Plus the lighting from the sliding glass door made better pictures. But working in the living room is much more conducive to my lifestyle, so I’m sure I’ll be back to the impracticality of the living room floor next time.

Per signature garland design, I put little rings on either end of the garland to provide a better way of hanging it from wherever you wish to hang it. When I was designing my first garland, the ends were my hang up, if you’ll pardon the pun. Who wants to just end a lovely strand of homemade garland? I noticed another person having something similar and I knew that was the way I wanted to go. You will find little rings at the end of all my garland designs for a better, more efficient way to hang garland.

I designed this pattern for Crochet Spot and have only now submitted it for review. Sometime over the next few weeks it will be made available for free to anyone who wants to try their hand at it.

I also have a listing for the garland up in my Etsy where you can buy the actual item. Be sure, while you are there, to check out the other garlands and items I have available!

So what do you think about my latest design? Come back soon and I will have links up for how you can find both the pattern and purchase the garland!

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