Month: June 2017

Why It is Good to Crochet Others Patterns and Rustic Mountains

This may surprise you, but it has been years since I crocheted another persons pattern. And yet, I crochet nearly every day. Being a pattern designer is great, and I absolutely love the freedom I have to make whatever I need or want. I have […]

The Designing Process – Part Two: Planning and Supplies

Welcome back to The Designing Process series where we talk about the procedure of designing your own crochet patterns! Last week I talked about where to get ideas, how to get inspiration, and what to do next. If you’ve just discovered this series, check out […]

The Designing Process – Part One: Developing an Idea

Welcome back to The Designing Process series, where I talk about designing your own crochet patterns! Today I’m going to talk about the first part of pattern designing which is developing ideas. In this entry I will cover how to get inspiration and what to […]

Colleen Floral Headband | New Crochet Pattern

Colleen Floral Headband | New Crochet Pattern

Last week I shared with you my first retro headband pattern, the Rosemary Floral Headband, which I was inspired to make from the character by the same name in the 60’s film, Your’s, Mine, and Ours. From the same film is another female character by […]

The Designing Process | Crocheting from Scratch

Have you ever designed your own crochet pattern? Maybe you want to but are afraid of getting in over your head. Have you made adjustments to other’s patterns? Extra stitches for a bigger size or a different size hook to compensate for gauge? I’ve been […]

Rosemary Floral Headband | New Crochet Pattern

Welcome back to Ginger Peachy! It has been way too long since I last shared a Ginger Peachy pattern, something I have been desperately trying to remedy. I am so happy to be able to share with you this latest creation of mine, the Rosemary […]

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies | Tammy and the Bachelor

I’ve been too busy with all of my other post topics that I haven’t written a crochet inspiration post in forever. Maybe it’s because I’m too busy to pay attention to these things in movies, or maybe I just haven’t run across anything in particular. […]

Nautical Collage | A Mixed Media Project

I know I have said time and again, that I don’t care for blue or white, but in designing, personal taste depends upon the project. Besides, who can say no to nautical! This is my latest mixed media design, my Nautical Collage! What do you […]