Crochet Inspiration in the Movies | Tammy and the Bachelor

I've been too busy with all of my other post topics that I haven't written a crochet inspiration post in forever. Maybe it's because I'm too busy to pay attention to these things in movies, or maybe I just haven't run across anything in particular. Whatever the case, today I'm breaking the fast and talking about crochet inspiration.

I love a good afghan, and while watching Tammy and the Bachelor the other day I immediately noticed this Hollywood favorite. In fact, I call it the Hollywood afghan, because it and one's like it can be seen in any number of films through the years. Take a look at my Crochet Inspiration posts if you don't believe me!

Although I do not like black, and would never design a blanket with so many colors joined with black, I would totally remake this Hollywood prop in a second.

Notice the color choices: a lot of yellow, some green with red, pink with yellow, light purple with dark purple - definitely some strange color combinations. But all in all, the afghan with its familiar granny squares looks quite homey, especially splashed up against all the gingham and country wood.

Shawls are not very practical for the modern day, I guess, but I love the dainty-ness of a delicate shawl. The one Tammy wears when going to check the wreck for survivors is a musty pink. It's made up of crochet filet, creating a periodical diamond relief, with an intriguing puffy stitch for the ruffly edge.

To remake this shawl, I would start with a light fingering weight yarn and a small hook, maybe 3.50mm or 2.50mm. I haven't had a lot of experience with filet patterns but I have seen some excellent graphs from older crochet books that would help immensely.

As for the movie (you know I can't conclude without making some comment on the movie itself), I love the country home feel it has, as well as the reenacting of 1800's life. However, I really wish Hollywood hadn't felt the need to overdue her naivety. After all, in that day and age surely she would have had a chance to get a better education. But either way, the story is cute, and the romance genuine feeling, and that's enough.

So that does it for my crochet chat! I'd love to hear your thoughts! Don't be a stranger and contribute in the comments below.

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