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Have you ever designed your own crochet pattern? Maybe you want to but are afraid of getting in over your head. Have you made adjustments to other’s patterns? Extra stitches for a bigger size or a different size hook to compensate for gauge?

I’ve been crocheting since I was a child and it didn’t take too long before I started adjusting patterns to fit my own needs and likes. For example, turning a simple beret pattern into a floppy beret, or adding more rows to a motif purse for a larger size. And yet, I never really did much designing until I began working for Crochet Spot on the design team five years ago. Taking into consideration the many years of an average life, five of them may not seem like very much, but I have learned so many priceless things during that time that has made it possible for me to now own my own business, Ginger Peachy, and share with you what I have learned.

Why I Love Designing

I am a terribly opinionated person. Sometimes I wonder why I have a blog, surely it just feeds my tendency to over talk. It’s just that I know what I want and only I know how to make it that way. Too often trend-setters want to tell you what to wear or what colors to use. It’s good to know what is popular, but you can’t let it stifle the real you. When you learn how to make what you like you are less hindered by what the stores supply, but more importantly, you have gained a freedom and a new confidence in yourself.

Years ago, when my grandfather learned that I designed a new crochet pattern each week, he incredulously asked if I ever ran out of ideas. My answer was, “Not yet.” And although there have been times when I simply ran out of inspiration, I’ve learned how to find inspiration and start seeing it in everything. I love that God has given me the ability to make! It refreshes me. And if you let yourself be creative, it can refresh you to.

A Behind the Scenes Series

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to talk about the design process of creating your own crochet patterns. We’ll go behind the scenes for a change, and look at the challenges and blessings of making your own patterns. As we take it step by step, maybe you’ll see that some of the things you feared most about designing are not so challenging after all. From getting ideas and inspiration to putting the final touches on your completed project, I’ll cover the basics and hopefully, encourage you to start out on your own. Then you have the option to go professional or not.

I hope you will come back next Monday and read part one called Getting an Idea, where I will talk about inspiration and the beginning strands of creativity. Thanks for reading! And as always, tell me what you think in the comments below!

Part One: Developing an Idea
Part Two: Planning and Supplies

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