12 Things I Love About Fall

I didn't forget, you see. After mentioning the idea for this post last week (see this post) I just couldn't let it go. So here, ladies and gentlemen, are my 15 things I love about Autumn!

Note: I couldn't begin to name which is my favorite and which is my least, so I have listed them as I thought of them.

1. Cooler Temperatures
This is the first thing to get our spirits up. Here in the south, our summers are hot and the humidity is extreme. We are naturally outdoors people, outside in the rain, snow, etc, but this year we've had to learn to handle the heat even more for various reasons. Therefore, the cooler temperatures just naturally lift our spirits. We can't help it.

2. Decorations
Pumpkins, leaves, squash, hay bales, and scarecrows. I've already made a set of crochet pumpkins and I plan to make more fall-related crochet items. 

3. Colors
I love a good fall where you see the changing season in the trees and nature all around. It's beautiful! 'Nuff said.

4. Chunky fibers
Here's my yarn obsessive self coming out. Afghans, chunky sweaters, delightful! I am determined to design my very first chunky sweater this season. Fingers crossed. 

5. Soups & Hot Drinks
I suppose it's not that I like soups better than other foods, but I guess since it is so much a part of fall and cooler weather that I look forward to what it means. And hot drinks, I love how relaxing it is to be able to wrap up in a homemade afghan, sipping a hot drink like cider, hot cocoa, coffee, or tea. Mmm.

6. Autumn Events
The biggest event to me is the Arts and Crafts Festival at Reelfoot Lake. We've been going with family since I could remember, and though a lot has changed from the good ol' days when we all went together, it is still something to enjoy. Then there's local craft fairs and festivals, a Civil War reenactment at the beginning of October. And of course, the family cookout! I love that there seems to be so much to do in the Fall, only I hate it when events overlap and you have to choose between them.

7. Apples
I am an apple head. Yes indeedy. As a young squirt, I ruined a good many shirts gobbling up my grandparents fresh apples from their orchard. Store bought apples just don't cut it. They have to be fresh. Only, on a sad note, this year looks as though our suppliers are not supplying. *Sniff*

8. Fall movies
We are such tradition creators! We've always had a long list of Christmas movies that grow with each new year. But in the last few years we have compiled and started a tradition of autumn movies. Here's last years list of movies. However, I noticed the list is not complete so expect a 2017 version soon.

9. Candles
The days grow dark faster and the candles have longer to burn. Hazelnut, apple pie, pumpkin pie, etc. They all mean fall to me.

10. Pies
You can have pies any time of the year, of course, but fall just screams pies, don't you think? In our family tradition, we eat pie, tons of varieties, at our Thanksgiving get-together. However, in that short period you can get a little pie-d out, you know what I mean? So to salvage everyone's love of the dessert, I have taken it on myself to make a pie here and there during the fall season so that everyone can have a chance at savoring that one specific flavor that might otherwise get lost in the crowd at Thanksgiving. This year I'm thinking a pie a week... I've already started with the traditional pumpkin pie last week. Apple pie is runner up.

11. Crafting
With the good feelings of the season, my crafting inspiration usually kicks in. I already mentioned my crocheting plans in #2. I also love to pull out the burlap and do a few mixed media pieces or maybe something entirely random.

12. Long Walks
Fall means the fields behind our house get harvested, the snakes are hibernating, and it is time to don our boots and go for a trek. In recent years this tradition has been a bit altered as the owner of the field has constructed fences and changed our plans. But nonetheless, we love a good long walk in our pretend woods.

And that is my list! What is yours? Leave me a comment below telling me what you think! I would love to start a discussion on the beautiful subject of Fall!

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