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I can't help feeling really frustrated at not having a pattern to share again this week, but I have a good excuse. I still do not have a replacement computer, which means my files that weren't networked are lost until further notice. It's a struggle to get it all done using multiple computers, due to availability and convenience, so I have given myself a little slack.

However, I cannot simply let it go until I get another computer. So just to let you know, I am working on a scrumptious fall pattern I hope to present to you very soon! Want a hint? It's a set of various sized items in beautiful fall tones. Not much of a hint, is it? Just wait and see!

So -- today I am going to talk retro fashion!

It's been a long time since I have done this. I hadn't decided if it fit into my blog now that I have gone mostly crafty, but I definitely enjoy doing these, so it was "what the heck, why not!"

This fashion post is centered in the late 80's; all shots taken from the TV series, MacGyver. For the sake of fashion, I'm not going to get into the details about each episode. But, if you are interested in which episode I have taken these shots from, see the notes at the very end.

Check out those frames!

This is a great candid shot, and though I had a few others that might have better shown what Joanne was wearing, I just had to use this one. Joanne's glasses are so typical of the period, and I just love how wide they are. I am reminded of the glasses Kim Basinger wore as Vicki Vale in the Batman movie, just a few years later than this episode. Large and round, with orange-brown plastic rims. I say too cute!

What do you think? You know, those style of frames have come back. I was tempted to get a pair about that size when I got my first pair of glasses last year. But I opted for something a little tamer for various reasons.

From the same episode, Joanne has literally let her hair down, and sadly, removed her glasses. I love the way hair styles in the 80's were so full (I'm talking full, not big, and definitely not rockstar big). Joanne's hair has been cut in multiple layers allowing the curl to pretty much surround her face in one way or another.

Although we all know Mac and his "mullet", I like his hair and hate the word mullet. Thinking of his hair aside from the deplorable label, we'll notice the shaggier length towards the neck while the top is slightly shorter and very messy. And yet, when we label it a mullet, it stereotypes it as old and lame. Mac looks good, and his hair, though not entirely like the fashions that are in today, is still good.

That shirt, however, throws me for a loop.

Nikki Carpenter (Elissa Davalos) has some hair to die for!

In the above picture the style is well-layered and shoulder length. Nikki's hair is thick and she wears it curled under while the bangs are tossed back.

In this picture it all looks more uniform where her bangs blend in with the rest of her hair and it all tucks under beautifully.

By the way, love the soft makeup tones, and application style of the period.

In this picture her hair is more free, as is her choice of clothing. Notice how the bangs are more over her forehead and there are multiple waves through her hair, as if it curls naturally and she hasn't worked very hard to get it that way.

Though I really don't want shoulder length hair, I really love the way hers looks and wonder if mine could do the same. Granted, my hair, though curlier than hers, is finer...

Although this style is my least favorite of all that she wears on this episode, I had to point out the connection it has to our "modern" boho/americana style.

She wears a long skirt and boots that look more like cowboy boots. Her shirt is oversized and crossed over at the waist to make up for it. She wears an almost fedora style hat while her locks, which we already discussed, are loose.

Who said boho was a new thing?

What do you think? If you haven't already guessed, I love examining fashion, especially past fashion, and I never miss a chance to replicate it. Check out my fashion page for a look at many different periods and what I have to say about it.

Don't leave without telling me what you think! Would you wear similar styles today?

*First two pictures were from MacGyver, Se 2, Ep 3
*Last four pictures were from MacGyver, Se 3, Ep 5

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