WIP Afghan - Finally Finished!

Do you remember when I wrote that blog post about the crocheted afghans in the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir?

Do you remember these pictures?

I wrote about wanting to design an afghan like that many years ago, and often I never get around to making the things I share in my Crochet Inspiration posts.

I am so pleased to have finally finished my rendition of the afghan Gene Tierney uses in the movie.

I designed it many years ago for Crochet Spot but ran out of time and yarn before I could make it as long as I wanted. I had also planned on adding tassels, but now, after so many years, I decided against it.

However, I wasn't going to leave it that way. And yet I did. For many years it sat in a box and then a basket, just another work-in-progress. I admired it, on cold days I wished I had finished it, and yet still it sat.

A few weeks ago, after losing our internet for two days, and being without access to my files, I decided to take a break designing and focus on my blanket. I finally finished it and here it is in all its glory!

Right now I can't remember why I chose this color choice, or what inspired me, but surprisingly enough, I still like it. Now I am anxious to use it these mornings that it has been cooler. I have to tell myself constantly that it will be time before I know it.

It didn't take me long to figure out which of my blanket designs would be my next. By the next day I had already gathered my supplies and began plotting out the next steps.

By the way, having a basket to toss big projects in is soo helpful! I used to stuff them in my crochet bag and you can imagine how quickly it became too small.

At the present, I am preparing for my first fall pattern of the season. Come back Friday for my newest free crochet pattern!

What about you? Everyone has WIPs, sometimes a ton of them. It's just life. How do you handle them?

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