Retro Sweater Highlights | Fashion

Retro Sweater Highlights | Fashion


Who doesn’t love a bulky, squishy sweater?! Especially if it’s retro!


Well, I know of some. But as for the rest of you, you know what I mean when I say I love a good, chunky sweater. Something to snuggle up in and feel comfortable.


I’ve always enjoyed talking about fashion, and these days, with so much business on my mind, I rarely have a chance to write about it. Today I am going to talk about four different sweaters from the past.


1. Patty’s Orange Sweater – That Darn Cat ’65


Retro Sweaters | Fashion - Patty's Orange Sweater


This orange sweater that Hayley Mills wears in the Disney movie, That Darn Cat, has got to be my favorite. Though her style is very chic according to the time, occasionally she wears more casual clothing like this over-sized sweater. Maybe I’ll make a stab at guessing the fiber and call it a wool mix.


I especially love how she wears it, so laid back with the sleeves pushed up. If my knitting skills were a bit more developed, this would be the inspiration for my first knitted sweater. However, I might just decide to crochet it instead.


By the way, isn’t that lamp gorgeous?


2. Ingrid’s Purple Sweater


Retro Sweaters | Fashion - Ingrid's Purple Sweater


Dorothy Provine also wears an over-sized sweater for a more casual look, though in this day and age, her casual is our dressed up. Notice the silk scarf she wears to make up for the plain, round collar.


I would almost say there is some cashmere in her sweater. It’s so soft looking! And I love that her pants are matching, don’t you?


The colors they wear in this movie are so bright and spunky. I really had a hard time sticking to just these two pieces and not making this a That Darn Cat fashion review.


3. Kelly’s Sweater – I Spy TV Show ’66


Retro Sweaters | Fashion - Kelly's Striped Sweater


I’m a great classic TV show fan. Contrary to most people my sole TV show diet consists of classic shows revolving mostly around the 60’s. Does that make me out of touch with the modern world? I couldn’t really care less.


Robert Culp in the TV show I Spy wears this sweater at one point after a job well done. I noticed the vintage style of the sweater, the way the waistband fit and the main body tended to bunch a bit, and I forgot to watch the show. This sweater is a great example of old sweater styles. I really wanted to get a full frame of it but unfortunately, it didn’t line up right.


Love the stitch pattern though. I wonder what it is called?


4. Sam’s Sweater – Mission: Impossible TV Show ’71


Retro Sweaters | Fashion - Sam's Gray Sweater


And lastly, here is an average knit sweater worn by Sam Elliot in the TV show, Mission: Impossible. Frankly, there isn’t much to be said about this one, except that it looks classy. It struck me as very classic and almost fisherman style. The heathered look of the material is particularly appealing, much more attractive than plain gray. Though, in this scene, one wouldn’t expect them to wear anything other than black, white, or differing hues within that spectrum.


So what do you think of my retro sweater roundup? Do you prefer the chunky sweaters like Hayley and Dorothy wear or the sleeker styles, like Sam’s?


I’ve talked about retro sweaters before. Check out my post Retro Winter Wear | 70’s Fashion for more. Or go to this link and browse the many posts I’ve written over the years of many styles.


See you next week for more fresh, and free, crochet patterns!


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