3 Handmade Gifts from Christmas 2017

3 Handmade Gifts from Christmas 2017


Hello everyone! I am enjoying the last few days I have given myself for Christmas vacation. Around here, Christmas lasts even through the last week of December so don’t be surprised by my remaining Christmas spirit.


I thought I would share a few handmade projects I designed for Christmas gifts now that the cat’s out of the bag. This year I have tried to incorporate in a little more clay making, though I haven’t succeeded as much as I hoped. I will post a Goals for 2017 and Goals for 2018 post soon, but for now, let me just say, I hope to do even more sculpting in the coming year.


Polymer Clay Kokeshi Doll


Kokeshi Doll in Polymer Clay


The first of my handmade creations, and my crowning achievement is this Kokeshi doll.


My cousin has an interest in Japan since she’s been learning the language and the customs, so I wanted to make something that reflected that interest. On Pinterest there is so many adorable Kawaii creations in polymer clay that I couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to go with this subject. My first idea was super but I won’t reveal what it is because I am still considering doing it at a later date. The Kokeshi doll was my second idea.


Kokeshi dolls are minimalistic wood dolls made in Japan. I chose to make a simple version with a red outfit and hair in a bun, though I loved many of the other versions with short hair or two buns. To tell you the truth, I had sketches of the definite things I wanted to add but I kind of just figured it out while I worked.


She loved it! I was so happy because I put so much into it.


I came to one conclusion, though — I have some old clay that needs to be replaced.


As I said, there are so many ways I could have gone with this idea that I know I will have to make more. Now the question is, should I consider selling these?…


[Update: You can now purchase your own Misako Kokeshi Doll at Ginger Peachy Store on Etsy!]


Kid's Taffy Scarves at Crochet Spot


Kid’s Colorblock Scarves


I designed these for my two youngest cousins. The pattern is available at Crochet Spot here. I really love the ombre color pattern, especially the mint in the blue scarf. It’s great fun playing with color, don’t you agree?


What is even better, however, is that the two little girls really seemed to adore them. They wore them almost constantly, though they changed their outfits a few times to wear some of the new things they had received.


Reflective Cody Beanies in Four colors | Free Crochet Pattern at Ginger-Peachy.com


Reflective Beanie


And I gave a few Reflective Beanies as well. The pattern can be found for free right here on the blog, or you can purchase a copy at Ravelry or Ginger Peachy Store on Etsy.


The guys really seemed to appreciate these, and I must say I am relieved. If you have followed much of my posts, you will remember the hesitation I spoke of in Juneau Beanie post about stereotypical gifts from crocheters. These have been good choices, I think.


Crochet for 2018


In the new year, I plan on directing my attention a little more toward handmade garments. I have been itching to make some larger items but I’ve been so preoccupied with making small gift items that I haven’t had a chance.


On the other hand, with the new year comes another holiday. Is it too soon to talk about Valentine’s? Okay, I guess it is. However, as a designer I need to get a jump on the rest of the crafters so that they can make it when the season hits. So it won’t be long. And I just love designing Valentine’s crochet!


Want to know whether I reached my 2017 goals and what goals I’ve set for the new year? Come back soon for the big New Year’s post!


Happy New Year!


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