Bumbleberry Puff Shawl | Free Crochet Pattern

Bumbleberry Puff Shawl | Free Crochet Pattern


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(Find a digital copy of this pattern in my stores, Ginger Peachy Store on Ravelry and Etsy!)


Here is the pattern I have been talking about! Introducing my Bumbleberry Puff Shawl made with Caron Cakes in the Puff stitch!


Bumbleberry Puff Shawl | Free Crochet Pattern at Ginger Peachy


This pattern constitutes two firsts for me — using Caron Cakes and designing a shawl. Can you believe that after all these years crocheting I have never made a shawl? Isn’t that crazy?!


I remember one that I used for ages. It was not colors that I would have chosen, and was in fact a typical granny square blanket, but I used it for a shawl for many years and have regretted the day it came apart many times. However, despite having made this shawl, I do not do purple and will thus be giving it away.


Still, it’s a nice piece of color, albeit.


Bumbleberry Puff Shawl Instagram progress photo


I posted this progress photo of this shawl a few days ago and was astounded by the response. I knew that Caron Cakes was a popular yarn, and people are really going for it now (which is why I made the investment to buy some), but I had no idea just a little progress photo would get so much attention.


The featured stitch in this pattern is the puff stitch. I created a stitch tutorial for it last week, and followed it up with a how to for joining new yarn with the puff stitch. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


What I really love about the puff stitch is that it is so easy and enjoyable while looking new and different. Puffs are like luscious balls of fiber just waiting to be squished! Don’t be intimidated by the look of it, I guarantee you will enjoy the pleasant monotony of working this shawl.


Another thing I just had to add was tassels. I adore thick, chunky tassels, whether they are essential or not. I went all the way with the tassels in this pattern. So if you prefer to add smaller, thinner tassels, be my guest.


Let’s get to the pattern!


Bumbleberry Puff Shawl | Free Crochet Pattern at Ginger Peachy


Bumbleberry Puff Shawl


Skill Level Easy


Finished Size
70” wide (arm to arm) x 34” long (from neck to waist), not including tassels


Medium weight yarn – I used 3 skeins of Caron Cakes in Bumbleberry
Yardage: 1149 yards
Crochet hook K/6.50mm


6 dc + 3 rows = 2” square



Bumbleberry Puff Shawl | Free Crochet Pattern at Ginger Peachy


Puff Stitch instructions

See post How to Crochet the Puff Stitch for instructions on how to crochet the stitch used in this pattern and How to Join New Yarn with the Puff Stitch.


For this pattern, a puff stitch (ps) = 4 hdc puff. You will have 9 loops on the hook before pulling through last yarn over. Chain 1 to finish ps.


Bumbleberry Puff Shawl | Free Crochet Pattern at Ginger Peachy


Row 1: ch 5, sl st in first ch to join ring, ch 3, (3 dc, ch 2, 4 dc) in ring, do not sl st to join stitches: 8 dc
Row 2: ch 3, turn, ps between first and second dc, ps between following dcs, (ps, ch 2, ps) in next ch-2 space, ps between remaining dc, dc in same st as last ps: 8 ps
Row 3: ch 3, turn, ps between dc and next ps, ps between each ps to ch-2 space, (ps, ch 2, ps) in ch-2 space, ps between each ps around, (ps, dc) between last ps and dc: 10 ps
Row 4 – 47: repeat Row 3
Row 48: ch 1, turn, sc in each st across: 198 sc
Finish off.


Bumbleberry Puff Shawl | Free Crochet Pattern at Ginger Peachy


Tassels (make 3)
Attach a tassel at all three points of the shawl.


Use a piece of cardboard measuring 7 – 7 ½ inches wide (or you can use a notebook like I did). Wrap yarn around the wide side of the cardboard or notebook 51 times. Cut the yarn at one end, separate one strand for securing the tassel and set it aside. Pull all strands through the desired stitch about halfway and measure them up even. With the extra strand, tie around upper part of tassel very tightly. Be careful to put your tie in back of the project. I used a yarn needle and threaded the ends through the center of the tassel to hide them.




Don’t hesitate to grab Caron Cakes, or any of the other self-striping varieties, for this pattern. The way the colors just shift and change is absolutely beautiful. It is definitely worth it!


(Find a digital copy of this pattern in my stores, Ginger Peachy Store on Ravelry and Etsy!)


Have you made anything from my patterns? I would love to see! Mention me when you share it on social media, @GingerPeachyStore on Instagram, @CompulsivWriter on Twitter, Ginger Peachy on Facebook.


This is an original pattern created and designed by Amy Yarbrough of Ginger Peachy. You are welcome to copy the pattern for personal use but do not sell the pattern, distribute, or reprint it. Feel free to share a link to the pattern. You can sell products made from this pattern but please credit me, Amy Yarbrough of Ginger Peachy. Do not mass produce or factory manufacture using my pattern. Thanks for respecting the wishes of the designer, and be sure to ask me if you have any questions regarding this copyright.


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