Goals for 2017 Revisited & New Goals for 2018

Goals for 2017 Revisited & New Goals for 2018


(Crochet patterns picture above: Scrumptious Donut Pillow, Snappy Fedora (3 Sizes), Cheesecake Pop Cowl, and Zaylee Baby Blanket)


Starting a new year always gets a person to thinking. Did I meet last years goals? What can I do to change this or that about my life? What goals do I need to set for 2018?


Bloggers everywhere are talking about goals met and new goals set. And I am no different.


I am a planner. I love to make lists, set goals, and plan my life as much as I feel I can get by with. But I am realistic enough to know that life often changes a persons plans and you can’t make them too tightly knit or you will experience a break.


So following the trend, here’s a look at my goals for 2017 and goals for 2018.


Goals for 2017 Revisited


Learning to Knit | 2018 Goals at Ginger-Peachy.com


1. Learn to Knit

Crocheting takes up so much of my time that last year I committed to sitting down and learning to knit. Did I succeed? Well, I sat down one Sunday afternoon and learned the difference between Continental style and European style knitting, casting on and knitting a few impressive rows before setting it down and never picking it up again. *Sigh* Do I rate this one a fail? I did learn something. However, I don’t even remember which I preferred better – Continental or European.


2. Work on clay

Like the start of many of my interests, I was given a clay kit as a present from my parents when I was little and fell in love with the art. I played with clay for years before, for various reasons, setting it aside for a while. I rediscovered my love more recently and resolved to start up again. Once again, I didn’t work with clay this year as much as I planned. But I did make a start. If you look at my last post (3 Handmade Gifts from Christmas 2017) you will see the Kokeshi doll that I made for my cousin that I am quite pleased with. I plan to make more this year and begin selling them.


3. Sell physical projects

When I set this goal at the beginning of 2017 I was selling a few random patterns here and there and really hoping to get some attention for my physical listings. It wasn’t until the Christmas season, but I did meet this goal! My first order was for my Stockholm Slouch Beanie and it went over smoothly. At the moment I am in the process of designing a custom piece for another customer, something I love more than remaking patterns. There’s something both enjoyable and challenging about designing something specifically for a person.


So I would say that, though I didn’t do remarkably, I did actually meet my 2017 goals. Probably the first time ever. But then, I never really set major, unrealistic goals. I try to be logical.


Ginger Peachy's Craft Collage for 2017


Pictured from left to right: Sweet Vintage Carousel Mixed Media Art, DIY Gold Spattered Robin’s Eggs, Be My Love Valentine’s Plaque, Hello Kitty Clay Charm, Clay Kokeshi Doll, and DIY Gift Boxes.



New Goals for 2018




1. Knit a project

Even if it’s just a garter stitch scarf! I am going to knit this year.


2. Design my first sweater (crochet)

Out of all the patterns I have designed since beginning to crochet professionally in 2013, I have never made a sweater. A capelet, a shawl, but never a sweater. This is my next challenge. Can you hear the growing intensity in my words? Like a racer getting ready for a competition…


3. Sell clay projects

As I said, starting with my Kokeshi dolls, I plan to begin selling my pieces. I’ve had a few ideas sitting on paper for over a year now. It’s starting to burn a whole in my head.


7 Churches of Revelation Smyrna Lion Statue | Ginger-Peachy.com


4. Sculpt a statue

As in, work a bigger clay project. While watching an episode of Day of Discovery a while back I noticed this ancient lion statue at one of the sites in the Holy Lands. Later I went back to get some screenshots so that I could use it as a reference. I was particularly interested in the mane. This should be one of those in-depth projects that take months to complete…


5. Design Cross-stitch Series

I received a small cross-stitch kit with an adorable little mushroom as a present and I began thinking of how to make a series of little woodland pictures to put on my wall. I love mushrooms and hedgehogs!


6. Make one non-crochet project a month

As a professional crochet designer, I tend to get tunnel vision and forget my love for other crafts. Crochet is indeed my favorite craft, but I have a great many craft loves. I have committed to making one non-crochet project a month and I will share it with you. This should be fun, right?




1. Make YouTube videos

One of the next orders of business is making my own videos. This will be tricky and it might take me a while to get it right, but I hope to have some videos up this year. Maybe how-to, podcast or something on that order. I’d love to know what my readers would like to hear from me!


2. Make money from this blog

I can just imagine all of you seasoned bloggers surprise at the fact that I have not done this yet but I haven’t really found a way I like. One of the directions I wanted to go required more followers which is why I made the decision to move to a self-hosted, WordPress blog. I have seen my readers increase steadily with this move and can’t be more pleased.


3. Do my first craft fair

Selling my work at craft fairs is a new idea for me. When last fall arrived I began giving it a lot of thought. I made a list of what I had to offer, what I needed for a booth, promotional ideas and design setup, etc. and decided that I wasn’t ready for it. It was a letdown, believe me, coming to that conclusion, but this year I hope to be better prepared and actually take the leap. Exciting, right?!


Will I meet these goals? I don’t know. Probably not all of them, but then again, who knows. Come back often to see what’s going on around Ginger Peachy. This year should be full of changes and improvements!


What about you? Have you given this years goals much thought? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below!


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