How to Crochet the Puff Stitch | Crochet Stitch Tutorial

How to Crochet the Puff Stitch | Crochet Stitch Tutorial


Welcome to Ginger Peachy’s first crochet stitch tutorial!


The Puff Stitch is a beautiful stitch that is easy to work and very enjoyable. Though it may sound intimidating, it is really just a cluster of half double crochet.


How to Crochet the Puff Stitch


How to Crochet the Puff Stitch Step 4


I started this example piece with a skein of medium weight yarn, a size J hook (6.00mm) and then a base row of 20 single crochet. In this example I have chained 3 to begin, but chaining 2 like you would for a regular hdc would be just as appropriate.


How to Crochet the Puff Stitch Step 3


To make a puff stitch (ps), begin like you would for a regular hdc: yo, insert hook into stitch, yo, pull up a loop. Only before finishing off, repeat these instructions until you have the size puff you want.


How to Crochet the Puff Stitch Step 2


Here I am crocheting a 3 hdc puff stitch, so you will want to repeat the above instructions two more times. You should have 7 loops on the hook — the working loop, and 6 more loops.


How to Crochet the Puff Stitch Step 1


Now yarn over again and pull through all 7 loops on the hook. This step might be tricky if you have tugged the loops tight so be sure you work loosely. Finish off the stitch by chaining one.


You have made a puff stitch! How does it feel?!


The first row establishes the stitch pattern and will take a little focus. The second row begins rounding out the feel of the stitch and by the third row they should feel like they come easy. After that you might feel like you could crochet puff stitches blindfolded.


I would call this stitch quite therapeutic, and I don’t always think that way.


Puff Stitch Swatches


How to Crochet the Puff Stitch examples


Here are three swatches of the puff stitch pattern. The white was made with a fairly thinner yarn, though still medium weight, and size H hook (5.00mm).


The pink is what we have been referring to where we have worked our “how to” pattern.


And lastly, the coral uses a size L hook (8.00mm) and is made with 4 hdc puff stitch. Notice how chunky it looks despite using a larger hook and medium weight yarn. The interesting thing about the puff stitch is that using a larger hook doesn’t exactly mean you will have a lacier stitch. The loops are fuller and appear thicker, even though the number of loops are the same. The difference is in the space between each stitch.



Try making puff stitches as small as 2 hdc puffs all the way up to as large as 5 hdc puffs. One thing to remember, however, when making thick puffs, is that it will be harder to pull the last yarn over through all the loops so be sure to work them as loose as necessary.


Chunky Puff Stitch Cap and Scarf at


If you are looking for a chance to use this stitch in a pattern, check out my free pattern for the Chunky Puff Stitch Cap and Scarf Set right here on Ginger Peachy. Or purchase a digital copy at Ginger Peachy Store on Etsy!


Come back soon for a brand new Ginger Peachy pattern using this lovely stitch! Until then, keep crocheting!

Have you made anything from my patterns? I would love to see! Mention me when you share it on social media, @GingerPeachyStore on Instagram, @CompulsivWriter on Twitter, Ginger Peachy on Facebook.


Let me know your thoughts on this tutorial. Do you want to see more stitch tutorials? What stitches do you want to know how to make?


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