Geometric Polymer Clay Pendant

Geometric Polymer Clay Pendant


I have been putting my goals to work!


In my post on making goals for the new year, I talked about my 2017 goals of integrating more sculpting time into my work and my 2018 goal of selling some clay designs.


As you can see, I’ve made a couple of Kokeshi Dolls, Misako Kokeshi Doll and another that I have only shared via social media (will have to share him soon!). Whats more, I have a whole slew of Kokeshi designs just waiting to happen.


My most recent clay designs took a different turn as I worked on a few family gifts. I made a miniature cupcake for my sister (more on that later as well) and this geometric pendant for my cousin.


Geometric Polymer Clay Pendant |


So let’s talk geometric patterns in clay!


Some of the ideas I’ve had in the past for clay designs involve a method of sculpting where you simply carve it out. It’s also called multi-faceted, like a diamond. I haven’t got around to trying any of those ideas, and as much as I am itching to tell you what the ideas are, I must restrain myself and not let the cat out of the bag.


This was a good starting out project for the multi-faceted effect. I had seen where another crafter had done something similar with earrings and I thought it would make a good, simplistic gift for my cousin.


However, as simple as this design may look, it took me quite a few tries to perfect.


Firstly, the clay. It was too soft and the cuts had a tendency to smear. So I put it in the fridge to cool off and harden. I hope there aren’t any “don’ts” about that. Though I did notice condensation build up on the ceramic tile that could have posed a problem.


Geometric Polymer Clay Pendant |


But secondly, the cuts. I experimented, naturally, to see how they look from multiple directions. But all it took was one wrong cut to send me back to the blackboard. I don’t know how many times I reshaped it, cooled it, and began cutting again. How often I had it just right until the very last cut!


Once I had a satisfying shape I vowed not to touch it again until it was baked. From the oven, I gave it three coats of glaze and reinforced the hole. Going to have to work on that part though…


I’m no stranger to making jewelry (see my Nautical Jewelry post, my Marnie Earrings, or search “jewelry” to find more), so I’ve collected some supplies. I found a long, bright silver chain and matching findings. There was a problem, however, in the jump ring for the pendant — I didn’t have one big enough!


So I had to make do. I grabbed a split ring and used my needle-nose pliers to pull them apart. I made a kind of partial pretzel out of it which was just wide enough for the pendant. Not too bad, if I don’t say so myself.


Geometric Polymer Clay Pendant |


I wrapped it up and sent it off to my cousin for her birthday, and she loved it! Yay! Job well done then.


Now I’m considering making a few more, in different shapes sizes, and colors. I wonder how they’ll do in my Etsy shop…


What do you think? Would you be interested in purchasing some geometric jewelry? Let me know your thoughts!


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