Never More Alone | Thoughts on Scripture

Never More Alone | Thoughts on Scripture


While reading this last week through the multiple accounts in scripture of Jesus last days and resurrection, there was a certain truth that suddenly struck me.


There was never a man more alone than Jesus…


Times have been hard on my family for the last few months due to a family crisis and one of the predominant feelings we struggle with is feeling alone. How often we can be surrounded by people and yet feel as though we are alone in the world.


These feelings can make a person quite bitter toward the world, let me tell you. So it’s no wonder I was touched while reading about the most alone man in the world.


Lonely and Alone

Do you know what I mean by alone?


We’ve all had times where we’ve felt lonely. It can happen when you are surrounded by people. But being alone, sometimes that seems to be the epitome of loneliness, the very apex of despair.


There are so many people that feel alone in this world of people, and you may be one of them. That’s why I know it will be helpful to look at the moment when Jesus was absolutely alone.


Completely Alone

Through the four eyewitness accounts of Jesus arrest and crucifixion, we see Jesus at one moment surrounded by people, family and friends, and then the very next moment, He stands alone.


Steps to Jesus’ Abandonement

1. Judas – Luke 22:1-6

The first person to abandon Jesus was one of his own disciples, one of the men that had been with Him from the first of His ministry. The relationship between Jesus and his disciples would have been like brothers. But Judas betrayed Jesus.


2. The Disciples – Mark 14:50

We may give allowance for one rotten apple in the bunch, but when push came to shove, all of them showed themselves weak. As Jesus was arrested they all fled and left him to the hatred of the mob.


3. Peter – Luke 22: 54-62

Peter was one of the disciples that Jesus intended to take over for Him when He left (Matthew 16: 17-19). Just a few hours before Jesus’ arrest Peter had impetuously declared that he would die with Jesus if it came to that. But when he was confronted he denied even knowing Jesus.


4. The People

Just a week before, the crowds had praised Jesus as He entered Jerusalem, in expectation of His coming as the King of Israel. Now they kicked and scoffed at Him, choosing a murderer over the Savior of the world.


5. God – Matthew 26:46, Mark 15:34

But the worst of it, that which was the hardest for Jesus to endure, was the absence of God. When Jesus took on the sins of all humanity, to remain the holy and sinless God He was, God the Father could not look upon His Son. So there was Jesus, completely alone on the cross.


Oh how the devil must have rejoiced in his perceived victory! God’s perfect plan to save His people now appeared to have failed.


Can you feel Jesus’ pain? We think we know what it means to be truly alone in the world, but do we?


We Will Never Be Alone

Praise God that we will never experience the aloneness Jesus felt. Even in the worst situations, when everyone we know has turned against us, we will always have Jesus to love, comfort and look out for us.


The apostle Paul wrote to the young pastor Timothy that he had experienced such aloneness as a man could feel, and yet even then God stood with him, strengthening and delivering him (2 Timothy 4: 16-18).


Our confidence in this promise — that we will never be alone — lies at the end of this tragic account of Jesus’ murder. If Matthew 27:50 is the most disparaging piece of scripture, then Matthew 28:6 must be the most encouraging part there is, for in it reads the words,


“He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.” —¬†Matthew 28:6 NKJV


So the next time you feel like you don’t have a friend in the world, remember — Jesus was alone so that we would never have to be again.


There was never a man more alone than Jesus… and because of Him, we will never more be alone.


Have you ever thought about Jesus’ death experience in this way before? How has this look at what He experienced helped you in your loneliness?


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