My Knit Pick’s Haul | Tuff Puff & Other Yarny Goodness

My Knit Pick’s Haul | Tuff Puff & Other Yarny Goodness


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Remember when I said one of my business goals for this year was to monetize my blog? (see this post for details and all of my goals for 2018).


I’ve already taken a step in that direction by signing up with Amazon Associates, which I’m hoping will really go well with my type of business. But recently I was unexpectedly accepted by Knit Pick’s affiliate program. And what I mean by unexpected is that I applied probably a year or more ago but was rejected due to tax requirements in my state. So when out of the blue they notified me of the changes and that I am now approved, I was pretty happy!


My Knit Pick’s Haul

So to give myself a jump start I treated myself to some of the items on Knit Pick’s I had been holding back on for budget reasons. Namely, Knit Pick’s glorious super bulky yarn, Tuff Puff!



Tuff Puff

When I first heard of Tuff Puff a few years ago I was definitely impressed. The beautiful chunky, 100% wool yarn was an immediate pleaser. It took me quite a while to actually get my hands on some but I already have plans for it, hence the color white. Normally, I would choose something a little more colorful, but you’ll have to wait and see what comes of it.



Caspian Wood Crochet Hook

I also grabbed a Caspian wood crochet hook — isn’t it beautiful?! I’ve admired these hooks for a long time and decided to grab one in a larger hook size that I have yet to get. The only thing I am a little unhappy with at this point is that the hook does not have the size written on it. Since I only have one at this point this won’t be a problem, but I can see the problem arising if I decide to get more in nearer sizes. I would hate to have to ruin the look of the hook by marking it but I may have to.


However, working with the hook so far has been great! I like my large hooks to be light weight so I normally go for acrylic, but this wood is so lightweight that it’s a lovely alternative.



Swish DK

Another yarn I am eager to try is Swish DK. For an upcoming project I wanted a yarn in natural fibers. I chose Swish DK since it’s 100% Superwash Merino Wool and featured just the right color tones I was looking for. Looking forward to working with this yarn!




And of course, I just had to get myself some moreĀ Dishie! So far, this is my favorite cotton yarn yet. For one, the cotton is easy to work with and just soft enough, while many of the other cotton yarns are just too rough for my taste. And when I work for very long with unforgiving yarns, I end up in pain of some sort or another. So obviously, Dishie has become my favorite. I realized I had very little pinks and purples in cotton and naturally, had to remedy that.




I also grabbed a few tools. A View Sizer for easy measuring and you name it, the Caspian Crochet Hook I mentioned already, and Clover Locking Stitch Markers.


Since designing my Tirzah Sweater Tunic I came to realize I could use some stitch markers that wouldn’t slip when I sized up crocheted pieces. In the past I have used split rings with little complaint (see this post for a review), but there are times when you want a little more surety, so now I hope to have that in these locking stitch markers.



Every crafter has their favorite craft stores, and if you’re like me then your favorite all depends on the supplies you are looking for. For yarn, Knit Pick’s has to been among the top go to suppliers, right up there with Joann’s and Michaels. (Don’t ask me to be any more definitive!)


How about you? Have you shopped at Knit Pick’s before? What is your opinion on the yarns I’ve mentioned here?


I hope you come back soon to see what I have made from these materials!


My Knit Pick’s Finds


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