How to Have a Prayer Closet in a Limited Space

How to Have a Prayer Closet in a Limited Space


About two weeks ago I shared a post on how to design your own cork board, A DIY Cork Board Design. I said then that I would talk later about what I intended to do with my cork board after painting it. Today, I am going to tell you what I had in mind!


I believe that prayer is one of the most, if not the most, important thing we can do with our time. Talking to Jesus, learning about His ways, just opening up to Him, is the very basis of the Christian life. But sadly, many Christians spend very little time alone with God. And I am guilty of this as well.


How to Have a Prayer Closet in a Limited Space | Ginger Peachy


The Problem

It is hard, in this over-stimulated world, to settle down and sit quietly to talk to God. There are even more distractions now than there ever was, but the tendency toward distraction has always been a problem with man.


Personally, I love to study my Bible, to journal about what God is teaching me and what I’ve found in scripture. I am, after all, a writer. But setting my pen aside and closing my eyes in silence to talk to God can be more of a challenge.


And yet, the biggest challenge is creating solitude. When you are somewhere where you know no one will hear or see you, you are more likely to feel alone with God and be less distracted. You might allow yourself to speak audibly, and even feel free to sing to Him on occasion if you feel led.


How to Have a Prayer Closet in a Limited Space | Ginger Peachy


The Need

Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries has spoken before on how meaningful it is to have a designated space that you go to to pray. He talks about having a dark closet in a class room that he used for this purpose when he was younger, and a spot in a corner of his small house or apartment when he was first married.


Being alone with God is so very important for the Christian to grow in his or her relationship with Him. It is a definite must, and can be a blessed retreat if we allow it. Jesus periodically left His disciples to go somewhere alone to spend time with God (Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16).


How to Have a Prayer Closet in a Limited Space | Ginger Peachy


Looking for a Solution

But what about when there isn’t a solitary room or space to be had? Can you still spend efficient and effective time with God?


In the film War Room (2015), the purpose of the “war room,” which was a closet, was to create a space where you and God could meet without any worldly distractions, so that there was where you fought your battles and drew closer to God. But significantly, in that room was were you kept account of what you were praying for and how God was working. Essentially: your battle plan.


For many years I have kept a notebook containing prayers and lists of things to pray about. It’s a very adequate and mobile way to keep up with your prayers. But over time, the book can get a little full and disorganized. Personally, I found I needed something a little more visually motivating, such as pinning them to a wall as shown in the film. And yet, having a lack of closet space presents a problem, and I didn’t really want to pin pages that might contain personal material to my wall for everyone to see.


How to Have a Prayer Closet in a Limited Space | Ginger Peachy


The Solution

Following this line of thought I realized how beneficial a cork board would be. By hanging the cork board from a cord you could easily flip it around so that your private notes and prayers are facing the wall. Then when you are prepared to pray, simply flip the board around. This way you are creating a mobile wall and privacy at the same time.


Then, when God answers your prayers you can take the pages from the board, write on it or attach another page explaining what He did and when, and place them in a box. That way you can keep record of what God is doing in your life, motivating yourself to look for ways He is working, and be more specific in your prayer requests.


Notice! For the sake of creating eye-appealing material, I have heavily decorated my board. But the point of the project is to create a place where you can keep up with your prayers and cut back on distractions, so you may want to be a little less extravagant in your design.


It’s very simplistic solution, actually. I think this will work for anyone who struggles with limited space in their life. Whether you live in a dorm room, or are living at home and sharing a room with a sibling, or simply don’t have a closet you can transform, this could be something worth giving a try.


What are your thoughts? Have you had to deal with finding a place to pray in limited space?


For tips on how to decorate your own cork board, check out my previous post, A DIY Cork Board Design.


How to Have a Prayer Closet in a Limited Space | Ginger Peachy


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