A Lot of Firsts: Rolling Over, Cat scans, and Kind Acts

A Lot of Firsts: Rolling Over, Cat scans, and Kind Acts


Hello everyone! I’m sorry for the lack of fresh content lately but I have a good excuse, really.


Last week I had my planner chock full of things to do, plan, and explore. In fact, never has it been so full. In an effort to really step up my business performance I listed a handful of possible ventures to consider. I was committed and the week was ahead.


Rolling Over

Tuesday came however, and put a stop to my plans for good. I had a wreck that rolled Mom and I on our side and sent us to the hospital a little shook up. Though the car and platform were totaled, God was so good to keep us safe. Not a broken bone between us. We were both cat scanned, (I was x-rayed too), and poked with a few needles, among other things.


And yet, I did injure both arms, and what does a crocheter use most? Because I had whacked my elbow on the console it was swollen the size of a softball by the time the ambulance dropped us off at the hospital. My wrist, the same one that I often fight with carpal tunnel, was bruised internally, keeping me from being able to grip. So together I had to lift with one arm and grip with the other, making me look like a toddler when I wanted to take a drink of water.


Mom’s injuries were more internal. Bruised side and tailbone, making it painful to sit, lift, laugh, cough, or just about anything else. She also had some ugly seatbelt chafing as well. But all in all, we’re doing much better now and slowly easing back into work.


Latest Project with Solomon's Knot | Ginger Peachy


[This is the project I was working on before – my first try at Solomon’s Knot. I’m glad to say I have a few more rows done now than when I took this picture.]


Forced Vacation

It’s not easy spending all that time doing nothing when you have a planner full of work. Granted, for the first day at least I didn’t feel like doing much. By Friday we both were venturing to do more. Mom did some cleaning (against our wishes) and I did some writing and a few rows of crochet.


Why does it always seem to happen that way? Just when your schedule is the fullest, something happens to stop you from doing anything at all.


God had a reason for this, though I’ll probably never know all of it. It was a traumatizing event that I’ll not soon forget and even makes me dread getting in front of a wheel again. But through it He taught me some personal things that are so very meaningful to me right now. And I know there are lessons to come as well.


Proof of God’s Control

Though the devil wanted our lives, God held us in the palm of His hands and kept us safe. We never once passed out, were coherent for the most part, and able to leave the hospital only a few hours after getting checked out. God could have kept it from even happening, but obviously there were lessons He wanted us to learn. And lessons others needed to learn, as well.


I thank God that no one else was involved. The traffic was far enough behind and no one in front, though we were in a usually busy area at the busiest time of day. There is no doubt in my mind that God worked all of this out for a greater purpose.


Color Study | Ginger Peachy


[A color study for upcoming designs. I love finding agreeable color palettes. If you do too, check out my boards on Pinterest!]


Kind Acts

One thing He showed me was the importance of kind people. Once we came to a standstill, we were a bit clueless as to how to get out of the car. A few witnesses were on the scene in a matter of seconds, didn’t hesitate to open the back and get us out, and take control. They stayed with us until the medics arrived.


I will never forget their goodness. There are people who would have driven on past, assuming that someone else would help. There are people, as hard as it is for me to imagine, who wouldn’t have even consider stopping, who could care less if we were okay. It touched Mom and I both to experience such kindness from complete strangers.


We’ve all had times where we’ve thought of doing something for someone and then thought about it again and told ourselves that it really wouldn’t amount to much so why do it. Guys, don’t underestimate the magnitude of a kind act, and don’t devalue it.


God says, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it,” (Proverbs 3:27 NASB). Not only will the receiver be blessed, but you will as well.


Business as Normal

So, I will be resuming work as I can, not making any definite plans. My elbow is still blotchy and purple, and it gets stiff and bothered when I do too much, but I can do a lot more. As for business, well, I still have plans, but God has reminded me that the success of them are still in His hands, not mine. So we’ll see what happens from here on out.


Thanks for reading! I hope to be able to present a new design Friday as normal, but meanwhile, check out my Patterns page to see what I have to offer.


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