5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Printed Copy of the Bible

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Printed Copy of the Bible

Do you ever wonder if you even need your physical bible? You have it on your phone, why even pick the printed version up?

You might not know it but having and reading a physical copy of the bible is very important to your walk with God for at least 5 different reasons. But first, let’s establish some basics.

A device is easily accessible

It’s wonderful how today the Bible is so easily accessible to anyone with a phone, tablet or other electronic device. All you have to do is find your favorite app and you have any version to choose from. Plus there are options to plan reading goals, challenge yourself, interact with friends.

With so much available to us digitally, the old ways of paper and pen seem to be diminishing almost entirely. This is a controversial subject for lovers of the “old ways” but there is no denying the benefits such progress has given us.

So now that the old ways of pen and paper are pretty much optional, let me ask a question – Is it even important to own a paper copy of the Bible?

Today I want to explore that question because, though it might seem simple, it can affect us and the generations to come greatly.

Why you should read the bible regularly

Reading the bible on a regular basis is necessary to know how to live like Christians in this life. Through God’s word we learn how to live right, how to love God and love like Him, how to please Him and serve others, everything we need to know to live a godly and satisfying life. It is the road map that shows us the way as we travel this unknown journey called life. That is why it is so important for us as believers to read the Bible on a regular basis, so that we know what the “road map” says and we won’t get lost.

Now the question is, does it matter how you read it?

Here are 5 reasons for having and using your own printed copy of the bible instead of reading from an app on a device.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own  Printed Copy of the Bible

1. You’re
not restricted by battery or coverage – When the battery on your phone or laptop runs out you’re stuck until you can recharge it, and likewise when you are in an area of poor coverage, you cannot read the bible when you rely on these devices alone.

2. You’re not distracted by notifications and other things on your device
– I don’t know about you but it is very frustrating how my thoughts flit to and fro while I am on the computer or another device. Notifications pop in and out goes a thought. This kind of distraction makes focusing on what you are reading in scripture very hard to do.

3. You can mark specific passages and make meaningful notes to come back to in the future
– I think it’s good to mark in your bible, with thought, of course. Passages that mean something to you, verses that you want to be able to find again. Also, making notes on what God has shown you so that you can remember them later. Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries recommends writing dates beside certain passages that God is using in your life to remind you of what He has been teaching you.

4. You get to know the Bible better
– Do you know where Habbakkuk is in the Bible? I’ll agree, that’s a hard one, but knowing the books of the bible and where to find them is important and helps you to know more of the bible in general. Getting to know the book is just as important as getting to know what is in them.

5. It’s more personal
– There is nothing that can beat one on one time with God. Sitting in His presence with no outside distractions is like Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet while He teaches, a student eager to learn from their master.

When it is just you and God with His words before you, there is a closeness you couldn’t feel otherwise. You are showing God that He is the most important thing in your life and giving Him room to work. If it is healing to the mind to unplug from your social medias and electronic devices in general, imagine how much better it is when you’re unplugging from everything just to be with God.

The bigger issue

So here is the bottom line – is it necessary to the Christian life to have your own printed copy of the Bible? No, it is not. What is necessary is consistently reading it however it is available to us.

However, if you have the option, it is greatly beneficial to our Christian growth to have and read from our own personal, printed copy.

Thanks for reading, guys! What did you think? Has this changed your perspective on how you read the Bible? I would love to know your thoughts!

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