Ginger Peachy Fall Decor Roundup

Ginger Peachy Fall Decor Roundup

I’ve probably said it a hundred times but I’ll say it again, Fall is my favorite time of the year!

The colors that represent fall are one thing I like about it because they are, after all, my kind of colors.

Then there are all the things that come with Fall. The change of temperature, the change of pace, the different activities. We have a few traditions that I look forward to every year, but sometimes it’s just the change from the driven days of summer that make it so special.

Ginger Peachy Fall Sale!

To get ready for Fall, which will be here in less than two weeks, I am running a sale over at Ginger Peachy Store on Etsy!

Fall Crochet Patterns

For starters, you can now get 10% off all Fall decor crochet patterns!

Like my Rustic Pumpkin Pillows! I had a great time designing these pillows and I know you will have a great time crocheting them as well. You can read more about them at by clicking here.

Autumn Wall Hanging | Free Crochet Pattern

Then there’s my Autumn Wall Hanging! I love the rustic colors and plethora of fibers I was able to get my hands on for this piece. And you can too! You can read about how I made the hanging by clicking here.

And then there’s my Chunky Star Stitch Pumpkin! This was such a fun experience to create. It looks complicated but it really isn’t! You make a sort of wide sleeve and then you begin gathering it to look like a pumpkin. With a few more tricks, and some mixed media elements, you have your own chunky pumpkin! Read more about it here.

Mixed Media Decor

But I don’t just crochet Fall decor, I do a little mixed media crafting as well.

I am also offering free domestic shipping on all orders of my mixed media art, the Give Thanks Wall Plaque!

Creating this was such an enjoyable experience. I had an idea for certain elements and watched as the came together like a dream. Get your own, or follow this link to read the tutorial and make one for yourself!

I have over 50 items to choose from in my Etsy shop, Ginger Peachy Store, from crochet patterns to made to order crocheted items and mixed media art. Hop on over and have a look!


That’s me getting ready for Fall! What about you? What are you doing to prepare for Fall? Do you have any traditions or fond memories of doing things together in the Fall? Feel free to take some time and leave me a comment below!

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