The Designing Process – Part Two: Planning and Supplies

Welcome back to The Designing Process series where we talk about the procedure of designing your own crochet patterns! Last week I talked about where to get ideas, how to get inspiration, and what to do next. If you’ve just discovered this series, check out […]

Mexican Textiles Painted Pot | Cinco De Mayo Project

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I love a chance to celebrate, don’t you? For this weeks craft post I want to share with you my contribution to the celebration with my Mexican Textiles Painted pot. It is super simple and really only calls for measuring […]

Sweet Vintage Carousel | A Mixed Media Project

It’s finally up, my latest mixed media creation! Last week I shared some work-in-progress pictures (this post) and here is the finished product! (You can purchase this at my Ginger Peachy Store on Etsy!) The Idea About 6 months ago, I shared a sketch on […]

Gold Spattered Robin’s Eggs for Easter

Happy Easter all!! Easter means buying new dress clothes for church, preparing a dish to take to the family get-together, hearing the incredible account of Jesus’ resurrection, giving chocolate bunnies, and of course, dyeing and hunting eggs. We were never overly celebratory of Easter, for […]

A Little Crafting Garble

I usually intend something a little more special for the end of the week, like a pattern or crafting tutorial or something in that line. But every once and a while I just have nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’ve heard it said, if you don’t have […]

Poinsettia Shimmer Garland | Free Crochet Pattern

  You can purchase an inexpensive copy of this pattern in my stores Ravelry and Etsy!    As I am writing this, a pre-Christmas turkey is baking in the oven, and cranberry sauce is cooling in the fridge. Above the computer where I am working, […]

Old World Christmas, Crochet Garland, and Chubby Clay Characters

I’m chiding myself for letting nearly two weeks go by without blogging. This year I have been really proud of my blogging commitment, but with the holidays here, these commitments seem to fly out the proverbial window. What have you missed during this time? All […]

Charlemagne Cowl | New Crochet Pattern

Each day I don a sweater jacket or my Peruvian tunic in the morning only to shed it by midday. Yet I am not disappointed; it is finally getting colder here in the Mid-South! I’ve been eyeballing my sweaters, telling them it won’t be long. […]

Give Thanks Wall Plaque Tutorial | A Mixed Media Project

(Update: Now you can buy Give Thanks Wall Plaque at GingerPeachyStore on Etsy! I am so thrilled to be able to present to you my latest mixed media piece for Autumn!! Actually, you could call this my first ‘official’ mixed media piece ever, since previous projects I […]

Personalizing Notebook Covers

I saw this project on Pinterest (of course) and really loved the idea of creating your own notebook covers. As a person who loves picking her own designs and patterns, it can be very inhibiting to have a selection of binders that are all in […]