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Feeling Christmas Or Not?

Feeling Christmas Or Not?

  Once again we are in the midst of the Christmas season. Decorating, buying gifts, planning parties, and all the customary activities that make the season unique and special.   Some of us are full of the holiday spirit and raring to go.   Then […]

When Your World Shatters

When Your World Shatters

  At times our lives seem as fragile as a delicate piece of glass. It can fall and shatter to pieces easily, and how will it be put back together?   When Your World Shatters It happens to everyone at one point or another, and […]

Is God’s Work on Your To-Do List?

All of us have things we are responsible for.  At home the work piles up, housecleaning, managing, or repair. At the office, clients pile up and unfinished work stares you in the face. In school, there seems to be no end to the tests, studying, […]

A Dried Up Brook | Lessons From Elijah

In subjection to the way of things lately, I am straying from my usual schedule for a while until I get another available computer. So no craft post today. Instead I want to talk about a few things God has been teaching me. Am I […]

Mixed Media Collage, Strawberries, and What’s on My Mind

My plans have been changed again. Instead of introducing to you my latest mixed media project, all I can offer is another episode of WIP’s. But even so, I am happy that I am able to blog at all today. I hurt my neck Monday […]

Being Kind in a Cruel World | Not Just a Fairy-Tale Concept

Art by Alissa Yarbrough As a little girl I watched Disney’s animated film of Cinderella again and again until I knew all the lines by heart. Others would say I ran it in the ground, but after all, Cinderella was my hero. Or shall I […]