Crochet Patterns

For as long as I can remember I've loved making my own things. When I finally settled down and mustered enough patience to learn to crochet, I realized just how much I enjoyed it and have since made it a daily part of my life. I have worked for many years now as a part of the design team at Crochet Spot. I also post patterns right here on Ginger Peachy and sell PDF versions at my stores, both on Ravelry and Etsy. Take a look around, and be sure to tell me what you think!

Colleen Floral Headband | New Crochet Pattern -- Last week I shared with you my first retro headband pattern, the Rosemary Floral Headband, which I was inspired to make from the character by the same name in the 60's film, Your's, Mine, and Ours. From the same film is another female character by the name of Colleen. She is red-haired and wears a pink floral headpiece during the wedding that inspired this new pattern. Introducing the Colleen Floral Headband! I wrote about the initial 60's styles in a post titled, Retro Fashion Sketches Inspired By Retro Dresses. Take a look... Read more

Rosemary Floral Headband | New Crochet Pattern -- Welcome back to Ginger Peachy! It has been way too long since I last shared a Ginger Peachy pattern, something I have been desperately trying to remedy. I am so happy to be able to share with you this latest creation of mine, the Rosemary Floral Headband! I was inspired by the 60's fashion I talked about a few weeks ago in this post. Rosemary, one of the characters in the film Your's, Mine, and Ours, wears a purple floral hairpiece during the wedding. (Read the post for a little more late 60's fashion.)... Read more

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies | Tammy and the Bachelor -- I love a good afghan, and while watching Tammy and the Bachelor the other day I immediately noticed this Hollywood favorite. In fact, I call it the Hollywood afghan, because it and one's like it can be seen in any number of films through the years. Take a look at my Crochet Inspiration posts if you don't believe me! Although I do not like black, and would never design a blanket with so many colors joined with black, I would totally remake this Hollywood prop in a second... Read more

Strawberry Patch Garland | New Crochet Design -- Since designing my first garland last Christmas I have made five different garland patterns, three of which you can find right here at Ginger Peachy, while all of them are listed on my Etsy. I have developed a fascination with garland, like the fascination with the mini pillows. There are so many different designs possible within the garland or mini pillow format. Are you getting tired of them? You will before I do, so let me know! This week I am sharing my latest garland design, created for Crochet Spot, inspired by the arrival of ... Read more

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Pillow | New Crochet Design -- Introducing my latest creation, the Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Pillow!! The story of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle is probably my favorite. It connects many of the characters of Potter's other stories with the homely hedgehog doing the washing for them all. Her manner is so old British and kind, I almost wish I were Lucie and had the choice to live there always. But the end always gets me as Lucie discovers that Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle is just a hedgehog after all...Read more

Bridgette Bunny Pillow | New Crochet Design -- After finishing up the Diplodocus Dino Mini Pillow the week before last I left myself with only about 7 days to prepare a pattern for Crochet Spot. This is terrible, I know. No matter how many times I tell myself to think ahead and plan projects where I will have plenty of time to work without cramming I always end up doing it anyway. Thankfully, I already had some ideas and could start actually crocheting at the beginning of the week. My initial idea was to make a 2D chocolate bunny. I sketched out probably three to four designs with real bunnies as reference, throwing up my hands in despair each time, before turning to the ideal reference for cute character drawings: Beatrix Potter. This next sketch is the result... Read more

Diplodocus Dino Mini Pillow | New Crochet Pattern -- Since making my second mini pillow ever a few months ago, I have (obviously) been on a mini pillow rampage. You can see the very first one I made here. To start out my spree, I made a Valentine's pattern for Crochet Spot called Pastel Hearts Mini Pillow, then another Valentine's pattern for Ginger Peachy called Glitzy Heart Mini Pillow. I actually had a third Valentine's pillow in mind but couldn't fit it as well as the next one in on time, so I sacrificed it. Maybe next year. I wanted to complete the next one for my sister's birthday, Cupcake Delight, which I did but you can look back over my posts to see my revisions. That makes four mini pillows and now this one... Read more

The New and Better Cupcake Delight Mini Pillow | New Crochet Pattern -- Before you say this looks familiar, let me explain. This pattern is a remodel of my first design. It's supposedly better than the last, which is still available here. Even though I posted it and was preparing to put the PDF up for purchase, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I wanted to make another for someone else and decided here was my chance to fix the problems with the first. After careful thought, I finally decided I didn't like the lack of structure from using half double crochets for the pillow panels. I went back to the drawing board... Read more

Glitzy Heart Mini Pillow | New Crochet PatternI did however finish my pattern for this week. I had to make some changes to the idea based on design and yarn availability so I haven't decided whether I am pleased or not. I suppose I regard it as a good project but not exactly the one I had in mind. I planned to place the heart on the bottom, right corner and embroider wording along the top and side. The pillow was to be in a deep purple, the heart a real pinky-pink with a soft pink felt patch, while the wording would be in a deep red. I ended up finding the fuchsia yarn and a bright red instead but no ...Read more

String of Hearts Garland and Ornaments | New Crochet PatternHow do you feel about Valentine's Day? Do you like it or does it make you painfully aware of your singleness? Do you regard it as just another day or do you go all out celebrating it? I realize that I have a rather unique view of Valentine's, one that not many share. For me, Valentine's is a lovely holiday in the middle of three birthdays, resulting in a holiday week. Because my birthday is a few days after Valentine's, and my sister's is the day before, (and my cousins is the day of), to me it is one long week of celebration... Read more

Amy's Signature Chunky Scarf - No matter how many different projects I've designed, it's always great to come back to the basics. For me, those are scarves and hats. When I really started crocheting I made oodles of scarves and hats for myself and family. Frankly, I probably tired people out on them. I could just imagine them opening their present from me and thinking, "I'll bet I know what this is." But my family has always been great and appreciative. For a confirmed crochet addict, it's hard to remember that not everyone shares your obsession... Read more

Chunky Puff Stitch Cap and Scarf Set | New Crochet Pattern - Isn't it terrible how you can design and create things all year long and still end up neglecting to make so-and-so a good wintry scarf for those cold days? Or maybe you've made everything in the book but have never gotten around to that certain item you've always wanted to try your hand at. If you are a crafter then you know exactly what I mean. There is just so much to make and so little time. When you have a large family like I do, you could spend your whole year making things just for them. And then comes extended family and good friends. But more often the case is that my business gets first serve... Read more

Poinsettia Shimmer Garland | New Crochet Pattern - As I am writing this, a pre-Christmas turkey is baking in the oven, and cranberry sauce is cooling in the fridge. Above the computer where I am working, my mother's famous Christmas Village covers two small book cases and the entire entertainment center. At night the warm, white lights glow inside the hand-painted miniature houses and almost seem to reflect off the white felt ground where old-fashioned people walk about town with presents in hand. Over the speakers the melodies of my ultimate favorite Christmas album, Ferrante and Teicher's Snowbound, creates a rather dreamy aura as I prepare to share with you my... Read more

Snowflake Shimmer Garland | New Crochet PatternWinter makes me think of a great many things, and I am sure you can name them with me: cold, warm drinks, sweaters, fires in the fireplace (if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace), and of course, snow! Since I live in the Mid-South, snow is often a "lucky enough" item as well. We've had some lovely winters before, but our snow still only comes in January or February, and then normally in light dustings. I can't help but envy those who can count on feet of snow before Christmas. Instead we surround ourselves with lovely winter images from... Read more

Charlemagne Cowl | New Crochet PatternEach day I don a sweater jacket or my Peruvian tunic in the morning only to shed it by midday. Yet I am not disappointed; it is finally getting colder here in the Mid-South! I've been eyeballing my sweaters, telling them it won't be long. I've even taken the time to create a new Pinterest board called Sweaters!. I think I am psychologically endeavoring to usher fall weather in. And yet, despite the floundering temperatures, I am trying to think in cold terms anyway. Thus the creation of this new, brilliantly regal cowl. Most of the time creating patterns begins with a design idea and the materials you choose to use are based off of that. But on occasion, I find myself buying a yarn that I don't have anything in mind for. Usually these are discount or clearance novelty yarn... Read more

Snappy Fedora (3 Sizes) | Crochet Pattern - There is such a satisfied feeling I get when I finish another crochet pattern. It starts out as an idea and blooms into a finished product, one that I can share with all of you. And here I am, ready to share another. I hope you will be as enthused over it as I am! May I present to you my latest crochet pattern: the Snappy Fedora in 3 Sizes! (Free pattern available below)... Read more

Give Thanks! Wall Art Tutorial | A Mixed Media Project - Years ago I saw this piece in Hobby Lobby. I loved the idea and made sure to get a picture so that I wouldn't forget it. And I am glad I did because after all this time I would not have remembered. My own idea for this came together rather well and I sketched it out to give me a visual of what I wanted and would need. You can see my sketch in the picture below. It took me a bit to get all the supplies I needed but I was excited to get started... Read more

Secret Agent Doll Clothes | New Crochet PatternDoll clothes can be great fun to make. In fact, I made at least 3 doll outfits for Crochet Spot (Doll Blouse and JumperDoll Peasant Dress, and Vintage Doll Bathing Suit) and many more doll accessories. Granted, I don't play dolls anymore but then over half the fun is being able to give it to someone that does. My youngest siblings' equivalent to playing dolls are stuffed bears. She has collected them practically from birth and consequently, each of them have their own personalities... Read more

Zaylee Baby Blanket | New Crochet PatternThere is a lot of fun to be had in crocheting a variety of projects and I've always enjoyed attempting to think out of the box in designing my next crochet project. And yet I consistently return to the easy "monotony" of crocheting baby blankets. Sometimes you just need to sit down without having to continually consult a pattern and just crochet. Designing baby blankets has always been a lot of fun. For me it is a whole involved process. I want the blanket to be tailored for the specific child who is going to receive it so I try to put a lot of thought into the designing. I pick gender specific colors if the parents already know the gender of the child, but if not, I try to use neutrals like soft greens, yellows, oranges, or mix... Read more

Lacet Eyeglasses Strap | New Crochet PatternOnly after a few times of wearing my glasses I thought how helpful it would be to have straps that keep them around my neck. Since I only wear them for reading and other such closeup work I don't need them on constantly. And yet I don't like the idea of leaving an expensive pair of glasses just lying around. Read more

Why I Prefer to Roll My Yarn (Before Using It) - Rolling your yarn into balls is a practice that goes way back before there were machines to do it for you. My first introduction to yarn was through a crochet kit I received long ago. At that time I was very young and my project was an utter failure. In fact, I never finished it. But what I remember most (other than never getting an accurate stitch count) is how badly my yarn tangled using it straight off the skein. Granted I was very inexperienced and the yarn was lower... Read more

My Studio and My Yarn StashYou enter a fairly large room with dark hardwood flooring and light colored walls, where light from the ceiling-to-floor windows on the opposite side of the room result in natural illumination most of the day. Perpendicular to the windowed wall is where my large and antique white desk sits covered in pieces of the trade, tins of scissors, hooks, buttons, snaps, felt and et cetera. Beside the desk is a large work table with adjustable height. On the other side of the room stands another work table, slightly smaller and suitable for packaging and the like.... 
Read more

Teddy Bear Toddler Tote Crochet Pattern - Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! As promised, one spanking new crochet pattern: the Teddy Bear Toddler Tote. I think it passed the toddler test. I was able to give it to my niece personally (thanks to their surprise visit!). When I handed it to her she immediately took it and put it over her shoulder and next she put it in the back compartment of her... Read more

Finished ...but then - The FourSquare Baby Blanket - I started making baby blankets years ago when my the first second-cousin was expected. (Did you get that?) I found that I really liked making blankets for expectant families and have made quite a few since. I have also found that it can be a job in itself keeping up with all the blankets I need to make. This blanket is for my nearly 5-month-old nephew --a little belated. I have made two for my niece, the first one... Read more

The End of Something and the Beginning of Others - It has been 2 years and 8 months since I began working for Crochet Spot. I have learned a great deal, from crochet pattern designing to HTML, and succeeded in creating about 130 patterns and 8 or so tutorials. Rachel Choi, the creator and owner of Crochet Spot, has been great and continually patient with me the entire time, kindly making me aware of my mistakes in formatting and other areas, at my request. But for a few of my own reasons, I have made the choice to... Read more

The Dana Beanie - Crochet Pattern and 70's Throwback - While watching my favorite TV show, Mission: Impossible, one of the newer IMF agents named Dana (you don't know how hard it is to restrain myself from turning this into a Mission: Impossible review) wears a beanie briefly. I saw it and knew immediately the ease with which I could crochet one like it. I wasn't convinced that I should, though --I have a lot of ideas and you already heard my opinion on beanies. But I did anyway. Read more
A Small Infinity Scarf Journey -  When my friend asked me to make 4 monogrammed infinity scarves for her to give to her bridesmaids, I was naturally thrilled. I had about a year before the wedding so I worked on it gradually. I created this design, the Cliffside Infinity Scarf, that is extra long and held together with a strap and lovely wooden button. Read more

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies: The Polly Belt - While watching an episode of Mission: Impossible, the 60's TV series, I noticed Cinnamon's choice of a navy blue dress suit and lemon yellow accessories. Now regularly, I am not a fan of navy blue --in fact, I'm not a fan of blue itself. It's a bit overused. But then again, that's my opinion and I don't expect anyone to agree with me. I personally love olive greens and mustard yellows, colors most people call gross. But as a costume critic, I have an open mind to colors in general and what looks good on whom... Read more

Crochet Inspiration Follow Up - Pioneer Shawl - I'm so happy to be able to show you this! So many times I write Crochet Inspiration posts and talk a lot about what I'd like make, but I don't always get a chance to recreate them for various reasons, usually because I'm busy crocheting other things. But I was able to make this one! Last October I wrote about the Frontier Shawl from the movie Bend of the River (read about it here). I recreated it and made a few changes. What do you think? Read more

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - Mrs. Muir's Afghans
In one scene, Mrs. Muir goes to take a nap. Her maid lifts an afghan from under the adorable Yorkie and stretches it out. It so turns out that this afghan is the same style as the one in Tammy Tell Me True! I can't be sure because there is a certain lack of color in this one --ahem, black and white-- but the design seems to be the same. Another lovely example of granny squares...Read more 

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - That's My Duffel Bag! There are certain elements of style that never leave the fashion world. Duffel bags, for instance. The design may vary but because of their practical usage they still remain. Bags, among other things, are accessories that I have a lot of fun with. Drawstring, satchel, messenger, backpack, the list goes on, and there's nothing like making one crocheted. If you haven't noticed, I attempt to crochet nearly everything and anything I can. Sure you can make it the original way, and that way may be more practical, but adding to the already appealing style crochet fabric says so much more... Read more

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - The World War Two Beret - It's been a little while but here I am again with more crochet inspiration. To those of you who are new here, I am always on the lookout for more crochet inspiration. Partly because noticing fashions is just what I do, but mostly because I'm a crochet fanatic. I love being able to make my own things; and the feel of the different fibers of yarn with the cool aluminium of the hook, it's an experience only a true crocheter can appreciate. Read more

What to Do When... - What do you do when your schedule is too full for you to do what you love best? That is the question. I'm a devoted writer who loves writing fiction AND non-fiction, and if I had the chance, I'd write 24/7. But I don't seem too devoted when I let my other responsibilities override my love for writing. I used to pride myself in doing what was necessary and leaving what I wanted for last. Any more I realize it's not a form of unselfishness but a misplacement of priorities. Read more

A Princess for Christmas (2011) - Jules Daly is an antiques enthusiast with a touch of the out-of-the-ordinary. When her sister and brother-in-law are killed in a car accident, she becomes her niece and nephew's guardian. With this being the first Christmas without them, everyone is a little down. While trying to handle her grieving niece and nephew, and keep everything under control, times look as if they are going from bad to worse. First she loses her job and then...  Read more

The Best Intentions - So much for the best intentions! Long ago I had intended to have written a post on Holothurians (sea cucumbers) in the Caribbean, as well as more on ROV's. Unfortunately, since I spend so much of my time trying to figure out which is more important to me, crocheting and marine science, I find myself falling behind in my plans. My crochet schedule is subject to a deadline not my own, while there is no such demand for my science articles. I can't say I like it this way, but beggar's can't be choosers. Read more
Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - Frontier Shawl and Motif Blankets - Some months ago I wrote a blog post called Crochet Inspiration in the Movies where I mentioned a blanket I wanted to make shown on The Glass Bottom Boat and fingerless gloves from The Scarlet Pimpernel. A lot has changed since then. But my tendency to look for crochet inspiration in the movies has not. I've rounded up a few more. In The Far Country, James Stewart plays a man who gets himself tangled in a crooked town and must fight his way out. Read more

Time? Is That You? - I definitely couldn't have done it without my mother and siblings help. They gave me ideas and desperately needed opinions. Unfortunately for the first pillow, I know hate it. Not really, but I am not looking at it for a couple of weeks. Maybe when I look at it again I'll have forgotten the trouble it caused me. My older brother told me I should see if I could sell the pattern to the company that has it trademarked. Hmm... Read more

Changing My Mind - Again! - I know a few months ago I spoke of starting an Etsy shop and for the longest I wanted to but couldn't. Now I can, or just about, but I'm not sure I still want to. The thing is, at first it was the only idea I had for making a little extra money and it just followed that if I make things I should sell them. And so I was all gung-ho until God began providing other things. For instance, He provided my job with Crochet Spot in March. Like I've said before, it was a big step for me, even if it wasn't such a big step in comparison to other things. I wasn't sure I had what it takes to create a crochet pattern once a week. Well, so far I have created 26 and have learned a lot in that time. Read more

With Three Projects on My Hook... - For the longest, I hated having more than one project going at once. It reminded me of my days when I couldn't get myself to finish a project, a terrible trait I thank God I left behind. As I ventured out more in my crafting, I eventually became okay with having a project on the side (sometimes you just have to lay one aside for a time), and now, with my job at Crochet Spot, I have definitely gotten over it. Read more

Accessorize with Crochet! - I do a lot of talking about my dreams and things I plan to do on here, and sometimes it depresses me when I read back over it later and realize I haven't done any of them. But I comfort myself with the idea that at least I am organizing my plans when I write about them and giving myself a bit of an encouraging nudge toward doing them. So I am going to talk about my plans for accessoriz-ing our room with crochet. Strangely, in the past I never considered filling our room with crocheted happiness but suddenly its come to me as a wonderful and creative idea. Plus, having a bit of an income now encourages my creative progress. Read more

What Have I Been Doing? - Creativity abounds! Or at least the idea of it. Since today is one of those "not busy-- lets do something crafty" days, I decided I'd give my next crochet idea a try. I bought some Aunt Lydia's Fashion thread a little while back for just this project. Earrings! Three tiny circles with a glass bead attached to the bottom. I hoped it would work but there's no way to know until you try. Well, I tried. What do you think? Read more

What I am Doing and My Plans - Its sometimes difficult to find the right way to start a blog post. I've heard it said that the hardest thing for a writer is staring at that blank page. Though I can't say I always have that problem, its definitely something I can relate to. Sometimes its just a matter of getting your thoughts organized. I seem to have a time doing that lately. At first it was blogging and my other writing that I tried to juggle... Read more

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - This Saturday my little sister and I had a cold and were chilling out while eating breakfast. She picked the movie. And no, for once it was not Cinderella. She wanted The Glass Bottom Boat. Funny. It's a good movie, very hilarious. Besides, I'm a big fan of Doris Day. While watching it I noticed this blanket. The color scheme is beautiful. I love the blend of yellows, oranges, and reds.
I'm considering remaking it. The picture to the right shows a better example of the stitch pattern. Something like a shell and cluster. Read more 

A Crochet Pattern for St. Patrick's Day and the Latest - I used to look at creating your own crochet patterns with some trepidation, thinking it was something only the experts could do. I mean, how would I know how to give it the right number and kind of stitches to give it the right shape? It seemed so complicated. But. I like to create and experiment. And. I took it a step at a time. Read more

Breaking News! - Well, here is my news. I've been given the chance to be part of the Crochet Spot team as one of the crochet professionals! Now you can find me there once a week (at least for now) with a new pattern. I have so many ideas. I hope I can pull them off. But, you never know until you try. For a while now I have been looking for a means of making some money, at least to fund my yarn obsession. I've tried to get an Etsy shop going, and I'm still going to; I'm just getting my ducks in a row. I'm hoping, with a little extra money, I'll be able to get bigger with my projects and branch out a little. Read more

The 'Large' Adorable Mushroom, Crochet Pattern - Do you like mushrooms as much as I do? No, I doubt anyone likes them as much as me. But do you like them at least a little bit like I do? I think everyone should. But that's one persons opinion. This post is dedicated to my love for the cute,  plump, fungal organisms. Are you surprised? This, my newest amigurumi, is called the 'Large' Adorable Mushroom. I wanted it to look just as plump and cute as the first one, but seeing how this one is bigger, naturally, I expected it to be... Read more

A Movie and a Mushroom - What do you do on your Saturday nights? After some hard crunch time working on my most recent manuscript during the day, we settled back to watch one of our favourite movies, the musical Singin' in the Rain! The cast is superb, Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor make an excellent dancing and comedic team, and Debbie Reynolds tops it off beautifully. If you've never seen it, put it on your list. It's hilarious and the musical numbers are great. Read more

In the Mood for Valentine's - My sister and I both agree that February is the best month of the year. This is so for two reasons: First of all, the month of February hosts both our birthdays, and birthdays are important. Its kind of like a day all your own, and its special. We choose our favourite meal and dessert, and evening activity, which usually consists of a movie. This year I said I was going to have an Alan Ladd marathon, but I doubt a movie marathon qualifies. Read more