I grew up watching old movies and loving them. I probably new more old movies than most kids my age. Some of my favorite memories were when I'd spend the weekend at my grandparents, and Grandma and I would stay up late watching the old movies I brought and drinking coffee. Now I write reviews on them. Here you will find a list of my favorites, most of them between 1940 and 1965, but occasionally modern reviews as well. Look around and be sure to tell me what you think. And don't forget to come back to see what's new!

Government Girl (1943) - Olivia de Havilland gives an amazing performance, particularly my favourite of all her performances. Sonny Tufts does a swell job as well. He plays the clueless mechanic who just wants to build planes and has no idea of how to work within the government... Read Review

Wallflower (1948) - Jackie is a smart and intelligent young woman whose subtle beauty is constantly overshadowed by her sister Joy's, bright personality and striking looks. Though normally fine with this, Jackie decides its time to take some action when she is at risk of losing the man she really loves to her sisters' charms... Read Review

Jumbo (1962) - Kitty Wonder is a pro at handling the circus and its peculiar occupants but one thing she can't handle is her well-meaning father's gambling habits. Entertainers leave left and right and Kitty is at her wits' end trying to make ends meet when help comes in the form of an unlikely, and mysterious, roustabout. Attracted to the man, Kitty lets her guard down but what she soon finds out might prove to be the ruin of the Wonder circus... Read Review

State Fair (1945) - On a prosperous farm in Iowa, the Frake's are preparing to attend the annual state fair, where Abel Frake, the father, will show off his hog, Melissa Frake, the mother, will enter her pickles and mincemeat, and their children, Wayne and Margy just have a good time. Right off, Margy meets a handsome reporter who seems to know the world. Meanwhile Wayne makes a move to get back at a vendor who cheated him the year before and meets a lovely young lady because... Read Review

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) - The Year is 1903 in St. Louis, Missouri, a year before the arrival of the Louisiana Purchase World's Fair... The event is seen through the eyes of the Smith family. Mr. Alonzo Smith is a well-to-do lawyer, and his wife Anna and he have five children: Rose, Lon, Esther, Agnes, and Tootie. Rose hopes to receive a proposal from her boyfriend, Warren Sheffield, who is away at Yale, while Lon is trying to figure out... Read Review

The Harvey Girls (1946) - Tired of her own home town in Ohio, Susan Bradley responds a matrimonial ad in the newspaper and agrees to marry a man she has never seen. She leaves for the remote town of Sand Rock with her hopes high. On the trains she befriends some girls who are going to Sand Rock as well to become waitresses at the new Harvey House. When she arrives, Susan is immediately surprised to find that the man who wrote all those beautiful letters is a rough cattle hand and not the... Read Review

Bachelor Mother (1939) - Polly Parrish works as a saleslady at Merlin & Son's department store for the holidays. But with the end of the Christmas season she finds she has more to worry about than the loss of her job. After being mistaken as the mother of an abandoned baby and unable to do anything but keep him, she soon becomes quite attached and unwilling to part with him, especially when John B. Merlin himself decides it's his grandchild and should be in his hands. Despite having fallen for Merlin's son, David, Polly must find a way to prove the baby belongs to her and... Read more

The Glass Slipper (1955) - Ella, as she is originally called, works day and night taking care of her stepmother's household but she is spirited. She despises how they treat her and truly wishes instead to be accepted by them and the townspeople. In her heart she tells herself she doesn't want their approval and dreams of one day living in the palace, a prediction her mother was given by a gypsy woman before... Read more

The Truth About Spring (1965) - On a run-down sail boat in the Caribbean, a father and his tom-boy daughter live a simple life, relying on the ocean, abandoned shipwrecks, and unsuspecting cruise liners for their survival and livelihood. One night, after mooring alongside a wealthy yacht called the Dryad, Tommy and Spring Tyler meet the owner's nephew, William Ashton, a young man just out of law school. He tells them he agreed to take this trip with his uncle before starting work but is now very bored. With something obviously in mind, Tommy invites Ashton to join them...Read more

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) [From post Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - Mrs. Muir's Afghans] - The story is about an ambitious young widow desirous to move away from her deceased husband's nagging mother and controlling sister. She chooses a house said to be haunted by the previous owner, a suicidal sea captain. When the ghost plagues her she bravely stands up to him and she wins his friendship because of it. He assists her in keeping the house after she's ran out of money among other things and it becomes apparent that the two have fallen in....Read more
Highly Dangerous (1950) - Frances Gray is a British entomologist who lives with her sister and young nephew, having never met a man who is not disturbed by the subjects of her work. While preparing to take a vacation, she is met by a man from British Intelligence, Mr. Hedgerly, who asks her help in identifying a species of bug agents of the Iron Curtain are experimenting with and whether they pose any danger. Frances politely refuses and continues preparations to leave on her 'holiday'. Only afterwards she begins thinking about the consequences of the only other available entomologist going, an elderly man, and how his chances of survival would be slim. She calls Hedgerly and accepts the mission... Read more

Wives and Daughters (1999) [From post Country Life and Classic Linen] - Molly Gibson is the daughter of a country doctor. She loves her life with her widower father, whom she occasionally assists in his work when necessary. When one of his patients, Mrs. Hamley, begs to meet her, she stays with them for a while and becomes a daughter to both Squire and Mrs. Hamley, and a sister to both of the brothers. One day, she is startled when her father decides to marry again. In good nature, she tries to give her step-mother a chance but "silly" is the best word to describe her. Her step-sister is definitely different than she, and carries with her a haunting... Read more 

The Cat from Outer Space (1978) - The Cat from Outer Space is a Disney production about an alien that arrives on earth in the form of a cat. His ship malfunctions and he employs the help of physicist Frank Wilson to repair it. The 'cat', Jake, uses the superior technology from his collar to levitate, open doors, fly planes, and much else. Time is short as Frank is joined by two other colleagues in the effort to help Jake, but it isn't long before the military and other powers get wind of 'the cat' and his unnatural abilities. Read more

Beyond the Mask (2015) - As a prestigious member of the British East India Company, Charles Kemp will stop at nothing to gain wealth and prestige, including employing elite assassins to accomplish the company's underhanded affairs. When assassin Will Reynolds is determined to leave the business and become a gentleman, Kemp tries to see to it that he is destroyed. Only Will escapes and finds refuge in a small English town, assuming the role of vicar. He believes he has found the new life he seeks when he falls in love with kindhearted Charlotte Holloway, but... Read more

Button Obsession from Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent (1940) -- Johnny Jones is an American reporter who is chosen by his editor to go to Europe in hopes that he will find out more about the tremulous times than his other foreign correspondents. Not knowing a thing about war correspondence, Johnny accepts the job with obvious candor, only regretting his new name, Huntley Haverstock. He soon meets some very important people but other than riling a lovely member of the peace campaign, he gets practically nowhere. But when an important political member is murdered right in front of him, he is hot on the trail Read more

The Spanish Main (1945) - Laurent Van Horn is a Dutch captain leading fellow immigrants to a new home in the Carolinas. When their ship is wrecked in a storm off the coast of Cartagena, he comes before the Governor to ask for assistance. But the governor is a cruel man named Don Alvarado who takes from Laurent his land grant and imprisons him and his people. In the dungeon, Laurent meets other innocent travelers and manage to escape. In a successful attempt to divest Alvarado of all that he has... Read more

The Black Swan (1942)When the handsome pirate captain Jamie Waring gets captured during an attack on a small Spanish town, he is turned on the rack and questioned about the whereabouts of Captain Henry Morgan. Just in time his friend Tommy Blue arrives and saves him from certain death. Jamie learns that Captain Morgan has been freed and pardoned by the king in the expectations that he will free the seas of the rampant piracy. With Jamie and Tommy in tow, Morgan takes over governorship at Port Royal, to the dismay of the aristocrats. Read more

By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953) - Bill returns home at the end of the first war with a more mature look at life. He tells Margie that they should wait until he has a job and can save some money before they marry as planned. At first Margie is angry but as usual, she soon comes around to his way of thinking. Bill gets a job at her father's bank and discovers the "beauty" of loans; only when he tells Margie that they can get married now, she is strangely unsure. Little does Bill know that Margie, Stella, and Wesley have discovered a note from their father to a French actress of... Read more

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2016) -- As a former child star, Gavin Stone's wild life lands him in trouble with the law. His punishment: 200 hours of community service at a church in his hometown where he will stay with his estranged father. Since cleaning bathrooms is hardly his line of work, he quickly signs up for the church passion play. Kelly, the pastor's daughter and play director, reluctantly casts Gavin in the role of Jesus. Confident in his ability to pass himself off as a Christian, Gavin says and does all the "right" things, while Kelly has her hands full trying to curb his suggestions for a more elaborate production. It soon becomes obvious that he knows nothing about the character of Jesus, and as he gets to know fellow church members ... Read more

My List of 12 Classic Mystery Film SeriesIt has become a tradition with my family to watch a classic mystery every Saturday morning while eating a larger-than-weekdays-breakfast of scrambled eggs, homemade muffins, coffee, and sometimes baked apples. Like any normal American family we watch a little too much TV, though we still watch less than most. But what sets us apart from the majority is what we watch: a steady diet of oldies. It's a favorite pastime of mine, answering trivia on old movies. It comes all too easy for me, which means I probably have an unhealthy interest... Read more

Halloween Movies

Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) - Mortimer Brewster is a well known marriage critic but when he falls for the girl next door, Elaine Harper, they elope and prepare to spend their honeymoon in Niagara Falls. While waiting for Elaine, Mortimer decides to find his most recent manuscript and burn it. During the search he finds something he never expected to: a body in the window seat! His innocent aunts admit to having killed the gentleman and what is more shocking, they think they've done the man a service. Beside himself with disbelief, Mortimer tries to figure out how to... Read Review

The Woman in White (1948) - In Gothic England, a young painter travels to Limmeridge House to teach the master's daughter, Laura, but as soon as he arrives he runs into a mysterious woman and even stranger members of the household. After discovering a terrible plot, he is forced from the house, but not before he makes known his beliefs to Marion, Laura's cousin. At first she doesn't believe him, but when things start changing, she realizes she should... Read Review

Christmas Movie Reviews

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - Miracle On 34th Street is a movie about a woman, Doris Walker (Maureen O'Hara), who has been disillusioned by the world due to past circumstances, and teaches her daughter that she should only believe in what she can see. Fairytales are not allowed and least of all Santa... Read Review

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) - Elizabeth Lane is a woman who has it all, a husband, a baby, a farm in Connecticut, an excellent talent with food, of which she writes in detail as a feature in a housekeeping magazine under the Yardley Publishing Company. The American public adores her every word, women for her knowledge and tips on success, men for her wonderful cooking and interesting articles. What they don't know though, is the truth... Read Review

A Christmas Carol - First published in December 1843, A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens at a time when he was losing popularity in public opinion. It was also becoming the machine age, when people were struggling for work and the winters were incredibly cold. In the midst of these hardships, Dickens wanted people to remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. And up from the imagination of this young author sprung one of the most inspiring and imitated stories of Christmas... Read Review

Holiday Inn (1942) - As part of a dancing and singing trio, Jim Hardy's desire is to leave show business and relax "like everyone else". His partner, Lila Dixon (Virginia Dale), has agreed to marry him and the two are almost set for a life on a farm in Connecticut. But unfortunately for Jim, Lila doesn't want to leave show business. In fact, she's not even sure she loves Jim. Ted (Fred Astaire) tells Jim that the two of them, him and Lila, belong together, "dedicating their lives to making people happy with their feet"... Read Review

White Christmas (1954) - It's World War II and despite the ever present danger, well-known singer Bob Wallace and amateur performer Phil Davis give the boys a special performance to lighten the mood and in honor of General Waverly, soon to be retired. During the celebration, they are attacked by enemy planes sending everyone running for cover. In the melee a wall topples and Phil quickly rescues Bob, injuring himself in the process. The two become friends and Phil convinces Bob the two of them could do great in show business together... Read Review

A Princess for Christmas (2011) - Jules Daly is an antiques enthusiast with a touch of the out-of-the-ordinary. When her sister and brother-in-law are killed in a car accident, she becomes her niece and nephew's guardian. With this being the first Christmas without them, everyone is a little down. While trying to handle her grieving niece and nephew, and keep everything under control, times look as if they are going from bad to worse. First she loses her job and then the nanny quits. On top of all this, they receive an invitation to spend Christmas with the... Read Review

The Bishop's Wife (1947) - After only recently being given a good position as bishop in a weathly neighborhood, Henry Brougham is battered with the troubles of a wealthy and controlling benefactor who is demanding a cathedral be built in her late husband's honor. Struggling with his beliefs and with making people happy while obviously losing his wife, he prays for God's help and receives it in the form of an angel named Dudley. This angel brightens everyone's spirits, everyone except for... Read Review

It's a Wonderful Life (1946) - Growing up, George Bailey had big plans to travel the world. But after the stock market crashes, George steps in to help the people in his father's building and loan business, planning to get away after things are settled. The years pass and George marries a schoolmate and soon his dreams are nothing but dreams. The town Scrooge bares down on the generous business his father worked hard to keep running and before long it's all he can do to stay on his feet. Run down and at his wit's end, George begins to wonder if... Read more

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