The Best Swashbuckler Books Ever!It is the 1700s and Emerald Harwick has been looked down upon all her life by her father's wealthy family because of her mother's lack of breeding. She lives in shame of this and feels she will never attain the families good graces. Instead she falls in love with an indentured servant and plans to run away to marry him. Her only regret in leaving is the work she is doing in the Christian Singing School for slaves. But her plans to get away are abruptly halted as she runs into a murderous relation by the name of Rafael Levasseur, and a viscount disguised as a pirate captain. Read more

Nancy Drew, Legendary Sleuth - Nancy Drew has been an iconic figure in both literature and film for quite some time now. She is known for her brilliant intellect in solving the mysteries she often comes in contact with. It's no wonder she has been the role model of millions of girls growing up -- she's adventurous, confident, and possesses incredible deductive skills, as well as a keen sense of... Read more

Not My Will (1946) by Francena H. Arnold -- Eleanor Stewart's parents knew early on that their lovely child had a strong will but they trusted God would help them raise her to use that strength for His service. Only their sudden death puts a stop to their plans and Eleanor is raised by her embittered aunt. She grows up learning how to please her aunt and still get her own way. But she is intelligent and begins studies in her college years in science. When her aunt dies, she leaves a will that stipulates Eleanor must remain single until her 25th birthday or forfeit her inheritance. At first she doesn't mind and spends tireless days helping an aged and respected scientist with his textbook. But unfortunately, she meets a young man and falls in love... Read more

Gold of Kings, Book One in the Storm Syrrell Adventure Series -- Storm Syrrell is young woman with a passion for art and antiques just like her grandfather, and when she gets a job at her grandfather's well-known business in Palm Beach she feels she has found her niche. But when her grandfather suddenly fires her she is hurt and confused. Sean Syrrell sees in his granddaughter the taste and expertise he is known for himself. But a situation out of his control hands him a choice that pains him deeply: please Storm now or save her life. The former resulting in her being fired and hurt emotionally.... Read more

Lion of Babylon, Book One in the Marc Royce Adventure Series -- After the death of his wife, Marc Royce, former CIA agent, just tries to make it from one day to the next as an accountant. But when his old boss comes to visit, Marc finds out that his best friend and someone else, both CIA operatives, have been kidnapped in Bagdad and no one on either side of the line wants them found. Landing in Bagdad, Marc sets out for information, finding some and also finding trouble. The high tensions of the Iraqi people reveal the strain of the times as everyone is eager to forget the last dictator, Saddam Hussein. Read more