I'm new to "affiliate marketing" and have only recently become an affiliate of Leisure Arts, but the more I learn the more I hope to do. Having been a blogger for over 7 years now I felt it was time to take the next step. And since I'm already deeply immersed in the crafting world, why not become an affiliate of select craft companies in order to (hopefully) promote what I use and make a profit as well. Like I said, I am still learning what all this entails but the future looks bright, and possibly through hard work, my blog will prosper as well.

How it Works

Some of the posts here on Ginger Peachy will contain links to other sites where you can make purchases if you so desire without any added expense to you. By clicking the links or ads, and making a purchase from that destination (cookies are kept for up to 30-60 days, which means you don't have to make an immediate purchase) I will make a small profit. But don't forget me if you decide to make a purchase! Just a simple click on my link and you get the same results as if you searched for the site itself. You don't make much in affiliate work, they say, but maybe it will pay for a small percentage of my craft and yarn obsession!

My Intentions

Most of all, I intend to be honorable. I cannot abide by those who try to sell just anything or promote whatever in order to make a profit. I promise I will not recommend anything that I have not given my personal approval of, and thus have used myself. I intend at times to accept offers of free products to review, but my opinion of the product will be entirely my own, honest opinion, even if it happens to not be so good.

So go ahead and look around! And don't be a stranger. Follow my blog to receive updates, and whatever you do, let me know what you think of the place!