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These posts reflect my faith and what I believe about life and God. Look around and tell me what you think!

Is God's Work on Your To-do List? -- All of us have things we are responsible for. At home the work piles up, housecleaning, managing, or repair. At the office, clients pile up and unfinished work stares you in the face. In school, there seems to be no end to the tests, studying, and lessons. Long lists of to-do's face us all to varying degrees of intensity, all of them important to the list-bearer. There's no need for me to tell you how much needs done and how little time there is to do it all in. As a young business owner, there is no end to what I... Read more

Being Kind in a Cruel World | Not Just a Fairy-Tale Concept -- As a little girl I watched Disney's animated film of Cinderella again and again until I knew all the lines by heart. Others would say I ran it in the ground, but after all, Cinderella was my hero. Or shall I say, is my hero. Like every girl I loved her story: from servant to princess, worn out clothes to ballgown, receiving no love to receiving the love of a prince. A story like this appeals to our hopes that dreams can come true, as the tagline goes, as well as encourages us that maybe after pain we can expect some reward for not losing hope... Read more

A Man with a Relatable ProblemWhat propels us to do what we do? What reasons do we have for the decisions we make? Do we worry what others will think before making certain decisions? It is the Christian's objective to live for Christ, to stand up for His word and challenge others to stand up as well. And yet, it is so easy to simply avoid speaking out about our faith or addressing those topics that are "socially unacceptable." It is the good things, godly things, that are hard to do and take intentional commitment. We all fear something, and sometimes... Read more

Rethinking My Daily Devotions - Like most people, there are a lot of things I feel that I fail at. Exercising, music practice, relationships, living a godly example, etc. When I get especially cranky I halfheartedly berate my mother, to her amusement, for not having been a demanding, "Chinese mother" in her training of us. But I don't mean it, and she knows it. Frankly, on such occasions I'm really just expecting perfection from myself. I realize that for many people managing time in the morning for bible reading and prayer... Read more

A Godly Woman is a Strong Woman - Our culture has encouraged the misconception that the definition of a godly woman is weak and quiet, and it is a shame that this flawed mindset pervades the understanding of Christian women today. It is no surprise that women recoil from such a demeaning idea of womanhood. We thought the days of walking five paces behind the man went out with the corset, and yet it is supposed to be the essence of a godly woman? The truth is, the strength of the godly woman far surpasses that of the worldly woman and this is exactly what the world doesn't want you to know. Read more

It Takes CommitmentThe internet is rife with videos of harrowing ventures, strange talents, jaw-dropping virtuosos, and of course, cats. I normally ignore these for the most part, mostly because they take up too much time, but also because of their sensationalist nature. On occasion a family member will "make" me watch a particular video, usually one they think is in my line of interest. One such video featured a young man playing a magnificent piano variation of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. His playing looked effortless but at the same time complicated, evidence of... Read more

Do Your Intentions Reach Action Level?I am a passionate person with some solid dreams. Okay, that sounds too glorious. Let me see... From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be a missionary. Growing up, whenever anyone asked me what I had in mind for life I would tell them just that. It was always accompanied by a surprised but admiring compliment. I hesitated to tell people at times because I felt like I was not yet worthy of the proverbial "pat on the back". I've read many biographies... Read more

The Furnace, Convictions, and a King's Anger - From a safe distance, the King saw the doors of the furnace open and blue flames roar toward the sky. It burned the flesh of the guards at the men's sides. With hasty shoves, the three men were sent flailing into the licking flames and the fire engulfed those who remained above. Read more
Learning Endurance, SlowlyIn these last few months I have had the chance to observe multiple species of birds caring for their nest through the live cameras at Explore.org. These beautiful and ornate creatures are helping to teach me a lesson. I would like to share it with you, if you would like to read on. Read more

Riddle Me This: What Is Perfect and Lasts Forever?Glitch. Slip. Miss-fire. Hesitate. Fail. Run out. All are terms we use to describe the malfunctions of life. Try as we might, we simply cannot attain complete perfection in anything we create or encounter. We believe we're close to it, and at times think we have achieved it with our technological advances, but in the honest sense of the word, we never reach it. Read more

How to Tell if You Are Suffering from the Martha Syndrome (And 5 Ways to Deal With It)I have this problem, and so do many of you, with being distracted in prayer. We're distracted for many reasons, good or bad, and it can be the hardest thing to tackle. I call it the Martha Syndrome and the symptoms can be found in many areas of our lives. But let's speak of how it affects our prayer. You begin your prayer with a little praise and maybe some thanks, throw in a few prayer requests, all with this anxious, nagging feeling reminding you of all you have yet to do. Read more

Submission Does not Equal "Doormat"If you have been keeping up with the news you have seen that Anna Duggar is taking a great deal of flak over her apparent decision to stick with her unfaithful husband. Pure and simple, she has an obligation to make a decision that will not only protect her but her children also, and only she can make it. The sincerity of her husbands words of repentance remains to be seen, and wisely speaking, he deserves a great deal of suspicion and wariness. Only God knows the heart. But on what grounds is Anna basing her decision? Read more

My Rebuttal to Jerry Coyne and Simon Worrall's National Geographic ArticleA few weeks ago I ran across an article on National Geographic, In Age of Science, Is Religion 'Harmful Superstition'?. Simon Worrall, a National Geographic author, interviews evolutionary geneticist Jerry Coyne about his latest book, Faith vs. Fact: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible. Read more

The Drop BoxWhen I mention "drop box" you will most likely think of the cloud-based folder that enables you to reach material from anywhere through the internet. There is another drop box a little more down to earth and vitally important to the little children of South Korea. Read more

Thoughts on the Book of Job and SufferingWhen I began reading the book of Job a few weeks ago I had the intentions of finding out the answer to the age old question, "Why does man have to suffer?" Obviously, because of man's decision to sin at the beginning of creation (as we know of from Genesis 3) we and all of creation are cursed and will be until the Messiah comes again. In the meantime, we must pay the consequences for our sins which results in suffering. Read more