Culinary Chronicles - Asian Cuisine #1: Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Chicken 

One of the things I like best is experimenting with different cuisines. This month I've been learning Asian, or more specifically, Korean cooking. Its all thanks to Chloe Lim, the Korean Food Addict (at who has posted many wonderful Korean dishes. I recommend you visit her site and learn some things. Its great! Read more

Culinary Chronicles - Asian (Korean) Cuisine #2: Pickled Korean Radish

When I discovered I spent the next few days exploring and learning. I was totally inspired and ready to embark on a new 'cooking' journey. I started simple and made something we already had the ingredients for, Korean Egg Rolls. My family loved them and now my Mum has got on the 'bandwagon'... Read more

Culinary Chronicles - Mexican: Stir Fried Nopales

As I have said before, having an International Farmers Market open up nearby has been the making of us. We've discovered fresh produce in a whole new way and we are totally inspired. One item in particular, that I never thought I'd buy, is nopales, or cactus. Have you ever had nopales before? Does it sound a little too adventuresome?...Read more

Culinary Chronicles - Kale Chips 

Have you ever had kale? Do you know what it is? No, it's not collard greens (blech!) but a delicious, sturdy, leafy plant in the broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts family. Read more

Culinary Chronicles - The Holidays Are Here Again!

The days are growing shorter, and colder, and Thanksgiving is just next week! Every year we complain that the holidays come too quickly, but this year, though I still agree, I'm setting my mind to enjoy it anyway. I told my family that I'm going to listen to Christmas music when I want and do holiday activities when I want. This might sound spoiled, but what I really mean is I'm not going to wait around and let it slip by me again. My family understands and agrees with me. Read more

Culinary Chronicles - Homemade Tahini Sauce and Hummus 

Years ago we found hummus when we were in search of something healthy to eat while travelling around. Since then we've had it as nearly a daily part of our diet because we love it so much. But pretty much anything you buy already prepared cost more than making it yourself. A main goal in our lifestyle is to be frugal. Our mindset is,"Let's make this ourselves."...Read more

Culinary Chronicles - Taco Tostadas

I am always ready to try some new recipe and it only pleases me more when it calls for fresh vegetables and herbs. There is absolutely nothing that beats fresh. That's why when we first visited the International Farmer's Market in town, we were completely delighted with the wide variety of fresh produce. And we are seriously considering rearranging our schedule so that we might make it to some... Read more

Culinary Chronicles - Buckwheat and Flax Crackers

It is high time for another Culinary Chronicles!I don't think I have to tell you how rotten I feel at putting this off for so long. I think (if I remember correctly) I promised this recipe a few years ago. But then I got distracted with other posts I wanted to write and etc, etc, etc. So normally I get to my work and I get it done. Since I have been making these crackers at least once a week for many years now I tend to be a little robotic... Read more 

Previous Culinary Posts


Our First Attempt at Sourdough Bread

In pursuit of the healthy diet, Mum has been experimenting with sourdough starter (from Cultures for Health) in order to make healthier bread. In case you don't know much about the health benefits of sourdough, let me just say that its better for the digestion as it has already broken down important nutrients that the body needs... Read more

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now before you say, "Come on, aren't you going too far?" you have to try them. The flavor isn't sour but deliciously cookie-like, and the texture is fluffy and cake-like. My family loved them. Read more

Fig Newton Cookies

After receiving fresh figs from the grandparents, I decided some fig newtons would be nice. But I didn't have the time to roll out the dough and do it properly so I decided to make them in cookie form. Using the basic drop cookie recipe...
Read more

Tomato Basil Muffins

I was thinking an Italian tomato-ey basil muffin would be good for weekend breakfast so I scrounged around, pulled this element from this recipe and that element from that recipe and came up with my own. Like usual... Read more

Happy Thanksgiving - Quick and Easy Pie Crust

Is the pie crust one of the worst parts of making pies? Do you usually buy your crusts so that you won't have to make them? Well here is the recipe for you.
Okay, so that sounded like a commercial. But I do have a pretty good recipe here. Read more

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