Craft Drawer

Welcome to the Craft Drawer! Aside from crocheting, I like to try my hand at anything craft related. Here you will find reviews on craft products, my mixed media designs, and lots of other goodies. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

How to Design Your Own Tablet Cover and Pocket - I learned a few lessons from my first attempts and used a glue stick instead of Mod Podge. This worked sooo much better, believe me! Here are my paper choices. Whatever the design, I knew that I wanted it to be cardstock for extra strength. I had a couple of earthy, vintage options (themes I absolutely love!), and then of course, nautical. I just love my book of nautical scrapbook pages! So it's no surprise which I went with. I couldn't help it! The ship design just fit perfectly on the slender tablet! This project takes very few materials, really... Read more

Nautical Collage | A Mixed Media Project -- I know I have said time and again, that I don't care for blue or white, but in designing, personal taste depends upon the project. Besides, who can say no to nautical! This is my latest mixed media design, my Nautical Collage! What do you think? (Check out this post to see "ground level" pictures of the design.) While looking for a good frame for my Sweet Vintage Carousel, I saw this collage and at the same time remembered three quotes I had ran across that really inspired me. It just kind of fit to use them with this collage. It was easy-peasy. That part, at least. It took me a while to figure out what kind of theme to use. I make quick sketches of all my ideas, the one's that I am seriously interested in making, so that I don't forget them. Why is that so important? There are times when I am working on one... Read more

Mexican Textiles Painted Pot | Cinco De Mayo Project -- I did some research and came up with a handful of designs that I really liked. However, I soon discovered that my new succulent clippings, Hens and Chicks that I got from my kind neighbor, wouldn't need that big of a pot. In fact, my project(s) wouldn't need that big of a pot either. I considered making a quick trip to the store for smaller pots instead but I was running out of time. So I chose one design, the simpler one since my pot was so big, and set about making it happen... Read more

Sweet Vintage Carousel | A Mixed Media Project -- About 6 months ago, I shared a sketch on Instagram of a mixed media idea with a carousel. While researching carousel inspiration I ran across so many beautiful pictures of carousels around the world. Some had double or triple decks, others had strange and unique animals, and still others were vintage reproductions. I enjoyed the experience very much, and was frankly inspired to do more than one piece. These pictures brought back memories of carousels growing up. Like the double-decker carousel in a mall that has since shut down. As a little child, I both loved... Read more

Gold Spattered Robin's Eggs for Easter -- Easter means buying new dress clothes for church, preparing a dish to take to the family get-together, hearing the incredible account of Jesus' resurrection, giving chocolate bunnies, and of course, dyeing and hunting eggs. We were never overly celebratory of Easter, for no reason in particular, but we did have a few traditions, mostly revolving around the customary family get-together. I can probably count on one hand the times we as children had a chance to dye eggs, which is regrettable but not mentally injurious to our childhood growth. We had a great time hunting plastic eggs, and occasionally, others would bring real eggs that had been dyed... Read more

Be My Love Valentine's Plaque | A Mixed Media ProjectHappy Valentine's Day, everyone! And I mean everyone. For Valentine's Day can be celebrated whether you have a significant other or not. This is the third plaque I have decorated and I'm loving it! Moving from flat, scrapbook pages to 3D plaques has been an exciting transition. Because of how I would store my scrapbook pages (in plastic page protectors), I would try to keep my designs from having too many 3D elements. But with plaques I have practically no restrictions. Here are my recommended supplies for this project, the Be My Love Valentine's Plaque... Read more

Old World Christmas Plaque | A Mixed Media ProjectHere I am again with an old-fashioned inspired piece I call Old World Christmas, made with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and lots of vintage charm. If you are interested in how I did it and what inspired me, then read on. A few years ago, when I was still creating patterns for Rachel at CrochetSpot, I was looking for inspiration for my crochet designs and I ran across a cute little picture in this Christmas traditions book that I really liked. I made a similar sketch and fiddled with it before coming to the conclusion that I couldn't use it for crocheting. And yet there was a semblance of an idea lingering in my head, so I tucked the sketch away for later reference... Read more

Foul Play in Funland | Scooby-Doo Scrapbook PageAs far back as I can remember, I have loved watching the 60's TV show, Scooby-Doo Where Are You? by Hanna-Barbera. Scooby is just great and the simplicity with which they design the cartoons is great as well. Being the vintage girl that I am, I adored the 60's costumes and paraphernalia emanating from the show. I never could decide if I wanted to be Velma or Daphne. Velma wears my colors but I always felt too tall for her part. Daphne has the... Read more

Give Thanks! Wall Art Tutorial | A Mixed Media ProjectYears ago I saw this piece in Hobby Lobby. I loved the idea and made sure to get a picture so that I wouldn't forget it. And I am glad I did because after all this time I would not have remembered. My own idea for this came together rather well and I sketched it out to give me a visual of what I wanted and would need. You can see my sketch in the picture below. It took me a bit to get all the supplies I needed but I was excited to get started... Read more

The Dutchman and the Condesa | A Mixed Media Project - I have been working on this piece of art for a few weeks now and intended to share it during the month of August. But unfortunately, I often take forever on a page. It has to be just right, it has to feel right or I'll hate it afterward, and I didn't want to hate this one. Antique colors often inspire me, as do old-fashioned things. Some of my favorite scrapbook elements are the antique ones with the cream colors and rustic browns. My recent pages have been of the classics (see here) but this time I wanted to do something adventurous... Read more

Personalizing Notebook Covers -- I saw this project on Pinterest (of course) and really loved the idea of creating your own notebook covers. As a person who loves picking her own designs and patterns, it can be very inhibiting to have a selection of binders that are all in primary colors. Because of a coupon and sale, I was able to get these two composition tablets for 20 cents each at Kroger. Crazy, huh? They cost less than the paper and embellishments I covered mine... Read more

Clover Split Ring Stitch Markers -- One of the first "big" projects I chose to make when I started crocheting was legwarmers. I could just imagine myself wearing them over my jeans like they did in the 80's (so I was told) with a loose fitting sweater and outlandishly curly hair. I pictured Trish from SpaceCamp (1986) because, after all, what's not to like about her... Read more

Dritz Unique Stitch Adhesive -- Years ago, my family and I put on a 50's show with some friends at our local theater. We wanted the costumes and set to be as genuine as we could make them. Poodle skirts were a must and I guess you could call it a dream come true for me. Dad did the actual sewing and Mom and I did the cutting and the ironing and... Read more